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April 17, 2021

Dacia, record export of 6,000 automobiles to Algeria

Dacia exported Friday to Algeria 6,000 vehicles manufactured by the Mioveni plant, the automaker informs in a press release, this being the biggest batch of units delivered abroad in a single shipment, since French group Renault took over the plant in 1999. The cars will be embarked in the Constanta port on a ship called ‘A Ladybug,’ one of the largest of its kind. ‘A Ladybug’ has a top loading capacity of 8,000 vehicles. The lot of 6,000 cars includes the models Logan, Sandero, Symbol and Duster, displaying the brands of Dacia and Renault. The loading of the vehicles on the ship took four days. ‘A Ladybug’ can transport a maximum load of 8,000 vehicles, is 232 metres long, 32 m wide 52 m high and has 12 decks.The success of the automaker abroad continues. Dacia obtained in Q1 a market share of 0.33 pc in the United Kingdom, through the registration of 1,978 automobiles, thus ranking 22nd out of 41 brands at its debut in this country, according to the British Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.In March, Dacia reached 1,651 registrations and a market share of 0.42 pc.

Dacia formally launched its British sales in January, but pre-orders for the Duster could be made since end-June last year. The Duster is available in three equipping variants: Access, Ambiance and Laureate, with the possibility of choosing between two engines: 1.6 liter petrol and 1.5 liter diesel. Only the entry-level Access variant will be equipped with a petrol engine. Since January this year, the Sandero model is also available at a starting price of just GBP 5,995. For the whole British market, registrations advanced by 7.4 pc in the first three months, to 605,198 automobiles, contrary to the negative trend in other big European states, like Germany, France, Italy and Spain.Dacia registrations in Germany diminished by 2.3 pc in Q1, to 9,974 units, compared to the same interval of last year, in a market that declined by 12.9 pc, to 673,957 units, according to the German Auto Registrations Office KBA.

On the French market, Dacia had in Q1 the strongest advance of new car registrations, reporting a 24.5 pc increase over the same interval of last year, to 22,598 units, according to data provided by the French Automobile Manufacturers Committee. Globally, Dacia sales soared by 4.8 pc last year against 2011, to 359,822 units, of which slightly over 6 pc were sold in Romania, where the company maintains its leading position, while the biggest sale markets remained France (23.4 pc), Germany (13 pc), Algeria, Turkey and Italy.

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