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April 12, 2021

PDL elects 16 vice presidents

Anca Boagiu, former Transport Minister (photo), Liviu Negoita, former economic counsellor  in the Boc Government, were elected as Prime Vice Presidents of PDL by the National Coordination Council (CNC) at the Palace of Parliament on Saturday.

The Democrat Liberals on Saturday elected their 16 vice presidents including Raluca Turcan, Roberta Anastase, Radu F. Alexandru, Ioan Oltean, Cezar Preda, Sulfina Barbu, Alexandru Nazare, Alin Tise, Stefan Gheorghe, Cristina Dobre, Alin Popoviciu, Marian Jean Marinescu, Bogdan Cantaragiu, Romeo Raicu and Ioan Balan, Mediafax informs. Most candidates who had backed the motion of ex-Development and Tourism Minister Elena Udrea at the National Convention on March 23 did not obtain enough votes to become vice presidents, among them being Teodor Paleologu, Gheorghe Udriste, Vasile Gherasim, Tinel Gheorghe, Florin Popescu, Florin Geanta and Mihaela Stoica.

Also on Saturday, the Democrat Liberals elected their four prime Vice presidents – Anca Boagiu, Liviu Negoita,  Dorin Florea and Andreea Paul, gathering over 500 votes of the delegates. The surprise came from the ex-culture minister who, at the beginning of the CNC meeting, said he was pulling out of the race for prime vice president in charge of public policies, asking the delegates to vote for his opponent, Dorin Florea. Gheorghe Flutur is still Secretary General of PDL and Ion Ivascu was elected as party treasurer.

Blaga calls to party unity

In his speech before the election of the new members of the National Standing Bureau (BPN), PDL President Vasile Blaga called upon his Democrat Liberal fellows to elect ‘100% Democrat Liberal’ people to the leadership of their party. ‘Please elect 100% PDL people rather than partial PDL figures, people to whom the position on BPN should not mean just a personal trophy,’ Blaga said. According to the Democrat Liberals’ leader, the new leading team of PDL would need to be both ‘the brain and the voice’ of the party which it should represent, Blaga saying that, for such thing to happen, PDL would have to be united and its statute would have to be respected. ‘We will have to do a constant opposition to the current regime. I am in favour of a united party, a party where we should develop internal democracy.


‘No one, not even the president of the party, has the right to consider himself as more important than the party. No one may be in and outside the party at the same time,’ he stressed. PDL Vice President Anca Boagiu in turn said, in her opinion, ‘the competition <who is more PDL than whom> in the party must stop’, and noted that PDL’s enemy was outside the party and was called USL.A message of unity also came from PDL Vice President Sulfina Barbu, who said, in her view, ‘the worst thing’ that could happen to the Democrat Liberals was to have a leadership ‘where some pull to the right and others to the left’. ‘We must produce a team able to go in the same direction’, Barbu said before being elected for a new term as Vice President of PDL. ‘These last few days have shown the current political power is disunited’, added the ex-environment minister who also believes PDL should become the alternative for the Romanian electorate. On the other hand, during the CNC meeting on Saturday, MP Ioan Oltean referred to ex-PM Emil Boc as ‘the spiritual leader of PDL’.

Udrea: No dissidence PDL

MP Elena Udrea said the decision of her supporters to run for leading positions in the party demonstrated that the PDL team wanted to stay united and said that, if they had wanted to continue their dissidence, those who had supported her candidacy in the internal election for president of the party wouldn’t have run at Saturday Council. ‘We didn’t consider a ratio of power on BPN because, if we had waned to continue our dissidence in the party or to go on fighting inside the party we wouldn’t have run, we would have kept ourselves outside BPN and would have done what happened in 2011, when Mr. Blaga’s endorsers refused to be on BPN’, Udrea said.



Videanu: His mind is set on Cotroceni…

On the other hand, the Democrat Liberals are still on the lookout for a presidential candidate. The surprise came from ex-Mayor of Bucharest Adriean Videanu who said he might consider running in the internal competition for the election of a candidate for Cotroceni. He says ‘the party would have to set some criteria for choosing the candidate’, as not just anybody could be sent into such competition. ‘Both PDL candidates, but not only them and, and finally PDL should polarise an option around a candidate standing a good chance in the presidential election in 2014,’ Videanu said. He avoided nominating any people who would make good PDL candidates for president. Asked if BNR Governor Mugur Isarescu could be a solution for the presidential poll, he said he would not give any names for the time being.



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