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May 14, 2021

People’s Movement president: Basescu is the spiritual ‘father’ of the foundation

People’s Movement President Marian Preda said at the press conference marking the launching of the foundation on Sunday that Traian Basescu was the spiritual ‘father’ of the organization and that PDL was on the list of parties the members of his foundation had had enough of. Preda further noted that Basescu had decided not to be directly engaged in the leadership of the foundation, but noted the president would be present during the debates to be held in the country, on themes concerning the reforming of Romania. Asked whether he had received any signals from PDL suggesting that members might wish to join the foundation, Marian Preda answered that PDL was on the list of parties the members of the People’s Movement had had enough of. ‘PDL is part of the political establishment. PDL, for example, I believe is the only party that used integrity criteria, but PDL did not have competence criteria for internal promotion. Maybe that’s one of the reasons for which it ended up in the situation at the latest election.

PDL is on the list of parties we have had enough of’, Mediafax quotes Preda as having said. He also pointed out that a ‘good Samaritan’ had allocated a large portion of his very big house in Bucharest for the foundation, but would not say who that person was. According to Realitatea TV, after the press conference organized on the occasion of launching their foundation, the leaders of the People’s Movement were seen in a café with President Basescu.

Not ruling out transforming Popular Movement into a party, Diaconescu says

Presidential aide Cristian Diaconescu stated on Friday evening, in a discussion with the supporters of the Popular Movement Foundation, that he does not rule out transforming the foundation into a party “if the political decision-making environment will be indifferent to the Romanian society’s programmes, signals, solutions and messages.” He stated that the Popular Movement cannot be “opposed to anyone” and cannot associate itself with political parties. “The Popular Movement, as a foundation, can author studies, analyses and programmes, in a correctly formulated society these are taken over by the political decision-making environment and transformed into public policies,” the Presidential aide explained. In what concerns the foundation’s “centre-right” orientation, he pointed out that it stems from the fact that “an important category of Romanians has chosen not to cast their votes during the last elections, these being active persons, valuable people for society, professionals and Romanians capable of manifesting their national ego in a useful non-conflictual way.”



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