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December 7, 2022

Commercial deficit, at a minimum of the last 10 years

The deficit of the commercial balance was RON 917.3 M in February (EUR 208.2 M), RON 1.29 (EUR 301.1 M) lower than in February 2012, thus reaching a monthly minimum for the last 10 years, according to figures released by the National Statistics Institute (INS). FOB exports amounted to RON 16.96 bln (EUR 3.87 bln) and CIF imports were RON 17.88 bln (EUR 4.08 bln), according to INS estimations. Compared to February 2012, exports advanced by 10.8 pc in RON (10 pc in EUR) and imports increased by 2 pc in RON (1.3 pc in EUR).

Against January, exports went up 4 pc in RON (4.6 pc in EUR) and imports soared by 1.5 pc in RON (2 pc in EUR). In the first two months of the year, commercial deficit topped RON 2.22 bln (EUR 508.4 M), i.e. RON 1.98 bln (EUR 461.1 M) under the figure reported a year ago, INS informs. FOB exports reached RON 33.28 bln (EUR 7.57 bln), with CIF imports of RON 35.51 bln (EUR 8.08 bln). The value of intra-community exchanges of goods, during January-February, amounted to RON 23.47 bln (EUR 5.35 bln) in terms of shipments and RON 26.72 bln (EUR 6.09 bln) of inflows, accounting for 70.7 pc of total exports and 75.5 pc of total imports. Extra-community exchanges consisted in exports of RON 9.8 bln (EUR 2.21 bln) and imports of RON 8.78 bln (EUR 1.98 bln), representing 29.3 pc of exports and 24.5 pc of imports. Important shares of exports and imports were held by transport machines and equipment (42.4 pc of exports and 34.4 pc of imports) and other manufactured goods (34 pc of exports and 29.6 pc of imports).

According to the same data provided by the INS, industrial output in the first two months advanced year-on-year both in unadjusted series, and in series adjusted with the number of working days and seasonal factors, by 6.4 pc and 4.6 pc, respectively.

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