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February 25, 2021

Row in Parliament involving MPs Andreea Paul and Viorel Hrebenciuc

Before the plenary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies , several PDL MPs, coordinated by the group leader, Mircea Toader, installed in the hallway a 9 sq m banner with the food pyramid and the increase in percentages of the price of food during the USL regime. ‘Food costs us more under the USL Government. Not a single extra RON to average Romanian salary under USL’, was the message inscribed on the banner. After the banner was up, MP Andreea Paul came out in the hallway, holding a mini-press conference in front of the cameras on the subject of food price hikes. ‘After 11 months of USL Government, Romanians have not received one single RON to the average salary. A Romanian makes RON 1,553 RON on average every month, exactly what the average net salary was in April 2012, the last month of PDL regime’, said Andreea Paul.

The MP also took the floor in Parliament, shouting that the food prices had grown a lot, by 5 per cent for fruit to 82 per cent for potatoes. The meeting chairman, Viorel Hrebenciuc (PSD), was ironical with the Democrat Liberal colleagues about their action. He asked Andreea Paul, when she finished” ‘So have you let it all out, Ma’am?’ Paul was Boc’s economic counsellor during the austerity cure and a promoter of VAT increase.

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