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October 4, 2022

Thatcher cause of UK-EU tensions, former German Chancellor Kohl says

Germany’s ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl says the late Margaret Thatcher’s “antagonism” characterises British policy on Europe to this day, according to SBS. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s hostility towards a closer Europe is the root cause of ongoing tensions between Britain and the EU, Germany’s ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl has claimed. Kohl, 83, has told the Times that he respected the honesty of Thatcher, who died of a stroke on Monday aged 87. But he added her stubbornness had blocked progress in the 1980s towards achieving a more deeply integrated political union. “It is true – Margaret Thatcher was difficult, just as our relationship was difficult,” Kohl told the newspaper on Thursday. “Unlike with other leaders in Europe and the world, and despite the best efforts of both sides, Margaret and I simply never managed to build a trusting and warm relationship.

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