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March 8, 2021

Dentists, revolted over cancellation of stomatology assistance in public system

PNL deputy Grigore Craciunescu claims that the measure of cancelling the allocation of funds for dental medicine services is a very serious and unprecedented measure, “an unacceptable mistake.”

The College of Dentists (CMD) considers that removing the stomatology assistance services from the public system of social insurances is a measure without precedent for the history of the health insurances system in the European Union. “The measure of ending the allocation of funds for dental medicine, unilaterally adopted by the Ministry of Health, without publicly informing the beneficiaries of the dental assistance services and the professional body, severely affects the patients and the dignity of the dentist profession.

Dental medicine is completely removed from the public system of health insurances,” CMD warns in a press release. CMD also mentions that “such a serious attitude promoted by the Ministry of Health will bring serious prejudice to the insured persons that are entitled to receive dental medicine services through the basic package, as it infringes one of the main rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Romania, the right to health services.” According to CMD, the measure related to funds “was adopted by totally ignoring the existing dental pathology, its reality that places Romania on one of the last positions in the European Union, although the professional body warned over the inadequate capping, which it asked to be raised to 2 pc of the funds destined to medical services.”PNL deputy of Iasi, Grigore Craciunescu totally agrees with CMD, saying that the cancellation of funds for dental medicine is a very serious act, without precedent, and he hopes that the Health minister will backtrack on this “unacceptable mistake.”

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