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April 23, 2021

President Basescu – more appreciative on Ponta, sharp critic of Antonescu

In an intervention for Digi 24 on Thursady evening, president Basescu said that it would be catastrophic for Romania Antonescu to be president. He spared Premier Victor Ponta whom he even appreciated.

“I believe Antonescu should see that Victor Ponta manages, and I confess I didn’t believe this would happen very soon, to understand the responsibility of a very high office, when you put the party interest way below the national interest,” Traian Basescu stated for DIGI 24. The President added that the PNL President does not have the responsibilities and values that the Premier has when it comes to the country’s problems. “When you don’t have this responsibility it’s easy playing Crin Antonescu. It’s just that he is making a big mistake, he seeks to become Romania’s President. Currently he totally lacks credibility. It would be a catastrophe for Romania to have him as president tomorrow. He should rebrand himself, should show that he understands EU and NATO values,” Basescu stated. On the other hand, the Head of State considers that Premier Ponta, PNL President Crin Antonescu, Sibiu Mayor Klaus Johannis and Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu will not win the presidential elections in 2014. “None of them, the ones you mentioned earlier (Antonescu, Oprescu, Johannis, Ponta – editor’s note), will be president. Of the noted politicians none will be president. (…) Ponta stated clearly he doesn’t want to, and the other three cannot,” Basescu stated on DIGI 24 when asked for his opinion on a recent opinion poll in which the five politicians are the top favorites for the presidential elections of 2014. He stated that there “will definitely be surprises” when it comes to the presidential elections. Likewise, asked about Mugur Isarescu’s possible candidacy, Basescu stated that Isarescu should be the one asked about it first of all, however he considers him a valuable person about whom he has only nice things to say.Traian Basescu added that he does not rule out the possibility that the Popular Movement will back a presidential candidate, and that he considers that in 2016 the Popular Movement will be “an extremely powerful competitor.” He stated that the Popular Movement Foundation is now an offer for the politically uncommitted and he is certain it will discover new “very credible” leaders and after he finishes his term in 2014 he will get involved too. “Now I am just backing them,” Basescu stated.

Ponta, reappraised by Basescu

While Antonescu was the favorite target of his attacks, this was not the case in what concerns Ponta. Basescu stated that Premier Victor Ponta does not recant last summer’s “adventure” but he is starting to understand its “seriousness.” The President’s statement came after PNL President Crin Antonescu stated last Monday that he “sadly” took note of the fact that Victor Ponta is using Traian Basescu’s “terms” and “tone” when referring to some events such as the 2012 referendum. President Traian Basescu also stated on Thursday evening that Premier Ponta was a fair partner when it came to appointing the chief prosecutors, adding on the same subject: “When the President and Premier decide something together, does Voiculescu matter?” He also pointed out that the proposal concerning Robert Cazanciuc’s appointment at the helm of the Justice Ministry is “acceptable” and that the investiture will probably take place on Monday (today – editor’s note), adding that his older statements about Cazanciuc were not justified. Asked what he is expecting from the future minister, the president answered: “I expect him to finalize the appointments at all levels within the prosecutor’s offices, to do it fast.” Traian Basescu added that he ended up being “a lobbyist for the government” to Chancellor Angela Merkel or Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, whom he assured that the Romanian government is working and wants to correct the problems included within the MCV too. “I don’t know how long it will last, for the time being I know I am talking very nice about the government when I have the opportunity to talk with Merkel, Hollande, the Dutch Prime Minister, anyone else. We have a government that is working, their only big deficiency is that they are not correcting the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) very fast but they will do it because they want to and they are not absorbing now European funds very well,” Basescu stated on Digi 24.


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