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February 28, 2021

Tensions continue within PDL

Tensions within PDL seem to have no end. Apart from the spat between Elena Basescu  and Raluca Turcan, Elena Udrea, who has basically split the party into two camps after the PDL Convention in which she lost the elections to PDL President Vasile Blaga, wrote on her blog that most of her backers have proposed that they leave PDL however she asked them to remain within the party. She pointed out that there is no strategy of tearing PDL apart and added that moving closer to the Popular Movement will be useful at one point. “The ones that voted for my motion are dissatisfied with the way in which the National Convention was organized, with the result of the CNC and with the current leadership’s strategy of distancing itself from the partnership with Traian Basescu. Consequently, there were several discussions in which most of my backers, heads of party branches, MPs, mayors, members of county and local councils, party members, proposed leaving the party. I did not encourage this solution. On the contrary, I asked them to and argued in favor of remaining within PDL and of getting actively involved in the fight against USL, the target being winning the future elections,” Udrea wrote on her blog. At the same time she pointed out that, as simple party member, she will contribute to the common effort of rebuilding a strong PDL, however the responsibility for attaining the goals adopted by its leaders (25 per cent in EP elections and 35 per cent in the future general elections) belongs in its entirety to the current team that leads the party. On the other hand, on Friday, PDL Vice President Raluca Turcan stated that “at this moment PDL’s goal is not kicking Elena Basescu out,” stating that she wishes her good luck if she considers she does not need the party in order to renew her term as MEP.

In reply, MEP Elena Udrea ironically stated that she “calmed down” after Raluca Turcan’s announcement, adding that Turcan reached “the apex of politics without Mr. Stolojan’s support.” “I calmed down now that Raluca assured me that “at this moment” PDL does not have as a goal kicking me out and I can momentarily remain within the party in which she came after Traian Basescu was already president and had won all electoral battles. I am proud of the fact that I am backed by one of the most powerful leaders of the current leadership, a woman that reached the apex of politics on her own, without the support of Mr. Stolojan or Mr. Traian Basescu, whose spokesperson her husband was before becoming the PR aide of important PNL or PC members. I assure Raluca that I will fight for right-wing principles irrespective of my statute… PDL member or member excluded from PDL,” Elena Basescu wrote. First-vice-president Andreea Paul launched yesterday a tough attack against the cabinet, calling on PM Victor Ponta to dismiss ministers Constatin Nita, Varujan Vosganian, Daniel Chitoiu and Liviu Voinea. Paul pointed to the scandal and the ‘stammering’ in the Transgaz offices and Romgaz cases, as they were supposed to be moved from Medias to Bucharest.Cristian Preda resigns from PDL’s official foundationAnother scandal registered within PDL last weekend was generated by PDL MEP Cristian Preda’s resignation from the board of the Popular Studies Institute (PDL’s official foundation).

He justified his decision through the fact that the foundation opposed organizing a conference for Traian Basescu. He pointed out he will seek to affiliate himself to the Popular Movement and will also collaborate with the Christian-Democrat Foundation led by Teodor Baconschi and that as PDL member he is asking the party’s Permanent National Bureau to express its position towards the decisions that the Popular Studies Institute’s executive team took in the last year.

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