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February 8, 2023

Chavez’s political heir declared winner, opponent demands recount

Hugo Chavez’s handpicked successor won a narrow victory in Venezuela’s presidential vote, but his opponent slammed the results as illegitimate and demanded a recount, CNN informs.Nicolas Maduro secured 50.7% of votes in Sunday’s poll while opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski won 49.1%, Venezuela’s National Electoral Council said.

The council’s top official, Tibisay Lucena, called the results “irreversible.” An hour later, Capriles vowed to contest them.“I want to tell the candidate of the government: today you’re the loser and I’m telling you this unequivocally. You are the loser, you and your government,” he said early Monday.“I say that unequivocally and with all commitment and transparency. We will not recognize any results until each vote of the Venezuelan people has been counted.”His refusal to concede left key questions about Venezuela’s future unanswered early Monday: Will authorities recount the votes? How would that process work? And will political tension in the deeply divided country boil over after the tight race?Maduro told cheering supporters late Sunday that his victory was clear. “I have won by nearly 300,000 votes,” he said. “It is the decision of the people.” If votes are recounted, Maduro said he would have nothing to hide. “Let them open 100% of the ballot boxes,” he said. “We are not afraid.”


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