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March 3, 2021

Hasotti’s public statements on homosexuals, “taxed” by Social-Democrats

The Accept Association has announced it will file a complaint at the National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) after Liberal Senator Puiu Hasotti stated that homosexuals are “sick people.”

The statements made last weekend by Puiu Hasotti, the leader of PNL Senators who said that he has “absolutely nothing” to reproach homosexuals with but he considers them “just some sick people,” have sparked harsh reactions on the political scene. PSD spokesperson Catalin Ivan stated yesterday on RFI that Puiu Hasotti’s public statement about Remus Cernea’s personal initiative to introduce civil union between same sex persons is “disproportionate and regrettable.” “It’s an individual initiative, it belongs to Mr. Cernea as MP, is not being discussed within PSD, nor within USL. He has the right as a representative to come up with such initiatives. I believe a great fuss is made about this. It’s indeed a very sensitive subject. I suspect Mr. Cernea only tried to gain more notoriety, because I can’t imagine why he came out publicly with such an initiative without even discussing it within the party. But the ones that give it more attention than it deserves are making a mistake too,” Ivan stated, being quoted by realitatea.net. He pointed out that such initiatives should first be discussed within the party. Asked whether the issue of withdrawing the political backing for Remus Cernea will be raised, Catalin Ivan answered: “No, I believe that’s too much. I believe Mr. Cernea should be shown how Parliament works, how a party works, how a political union works and he will probably understand that there are internal mechanisms that can protect him from unpleasant situations and from the attacks of colleagues, disproportionate attacks I would say but at any rate justified up to a point.” In her turn, Ilfov County President Senator Gabriela Vranceanu Firea expressed her disagreement with Remus Cernea’s initiative on the civil union between same sex persons. “Cernea’s initiative has put party colleagues in the position of being ashamed,” Firea said. “I am sorry for our USL colleague that came up with this proposal and I am very sorry that he didn’t have a discussion at USL and PSD level, especially since the PSD Constanta branch took him in,” the president of PSD Ilfov pointed out. The representatives of the opposition do not have a good opinion about PSD MP Remus Cernea’s initiative either. “Romania is not ready to encourage marriage between same sex persons and I believe this subject came into the public debate much too early for us. (…) To be very clear, at this moment I disagree with marriage between same sex persons,” PDL Constanta President Gigi Chiru stated on Sunday. On the other hand, Conservative Party (PC) representatives expressed yesterday in a communiqué their position against the initiative of legalizing unions between same sex persons. Moreover, they announced they want to organize, on May 2, “a silent march for the Christian family,” a march set to take place around the Romanian Patriarchy. “Representing, through its ideological vocation, the main factor of conserving and defending traditional Romanian values, the Conservative Party, respecting the individual right to choose, is against the initiative of legalizing unions between same sex persons. The Conservative Party believes that normality starts from the family – defined in its Christian and biologically fertile sense.

The Conservative Party plans to set at the foundation of its values the respect and care for the family – society’s basic unit, the place where human values are produced but also conserved,” the communiqué reads. The Accept Association is asking the National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) and PNL to “immediately sanction” Puiu Hasotti for the statements he made last weekend. The association’s representatives stated that they will file a complaint against Hasotti at the CNCD this week, claiming that his statement about homosexuals is “outrageous, unacceptable and punishable by law.”

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