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March 23, 2023

Poll: New D.A. alliance already has 5.4 pc

If general elections were to take place next Sunday most of the population would vote for USL (60.1 per cent), the “Truth about Romania” poll conducted by Inscop Research and ordered by ‘Adevarul’ daily shows. USL is followed by PDL (14.1 per cent), PPDD (9 per cent), the Justice and Truth Alliance created by PNTCD and the Civic Force (5.4 per cent, below the 8 per cent electoral threshold for alliances) and UDMR (5.4 per cent).

PRM is closing in on the electoral threshold with 4 per cent. The poll was conducted on March 19-27, 2013, on a sample of 1,082 persons.The novelty of this month’s poll is the percentage obtained by the Justice and Truth (D.A.) Alliance which combines the percentages of the Civic Force (2-3 per cent) with those of PNTCD (1-2 per cent). Inscop Research explains that a part of the D.A. Alliance’s support is also based on latent support due to the loaned brand and the confusion of names. Inscop believes that a part of the respondents that opted for the D.A. Alliance are the former voters of the D.A. Alliance from 8 years ago. USL and PDL maintain the scores they obtained in the elections but the period in which the poll was conducted only partially coincided with the period in which PDL’s National Convention took place and did not coincide at all with the public disputes within USL.

At the same time, the Dan Diaconescu People’s Party (PPDD) registers a score below that obtained in the general elections of December 2012, probably against the backdrop of diminished media coverage following the closure of OTV channel, but PRM is closing in on the electoral threshold with its 4 per cent. Inscop Research explains that the period that preceded the poll was marked by the intensified visibility of nationalist themes with ethnic undercurrents. For the EP elections Inscop Research tested separately USL’s two components – the left-wing component (PSD-UNPR) and the right-wing component (PNL-PC). The Institute opted for this formula because PSD and PNL belong to different European political families.

If EP elections were to take place next Sunday, PSD and UNPR would win 38.6 per cent of the votes, while PNL and PC would win 22.7 per cent.


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