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April 21, 2021

“We have a special relationship and a long history with Israel”

Message of Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean

“65 years of uninterrupted diplomatic Romanian-Israeli relations and the anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel represent a very special relation based not only on shared values and common goals, but also on profound ethnic, cultural and historic ties.In the years that passed since its establishment, Israel achieved its historical aspirations and developed at an extraordinary pace, to become a modern country with an expanding economy, social and cultural life.  In the 65 years, our bilateral relations reached the age of maturity. The opportunities we had and have in front of us are excellent and both parties are committed to the strengthening of our cooperation. Today, our countries enjoy an active and pragmatic relationship based on similar political, economic and geo-strategic interests and common values. The excellent level of our political dialogue is confirmed by the recent bilateral dialogue, by our common commitment to create a roadmap for our bilateral relations and also to continue the intergovernmental dialogue in order to materialize development projects, key fields for cooperation, among which I would mention agriculture, energy, infrastructure, as well as defence matters, where there is excellent cooperation, along with tourism, healthcare and environment.65 years of common history, of uninterrupted diplomatic relations turn into a benchmark of profound shared values with a real impact on economic and trade terms. Along this period and especially during the last decades we have been witnessing a growing number of important Israeli companies establishing themselves firmly on the Romanian market. Remarkably, these companies maintained their presence in Romania and continued their investments, despite the difficult conditions generated by the economic crisis.

This is an expression of confidence in the economic potential of our country that we appreciate and we are looking forward to welcoming new investments in the future.I would also point to scientific, research and cultural cooperation, given that there are excellent relations between Romanian and Israeli universities, so that cooperation in this field may be further consolidated and multiplied to became the vector to redesign a future to share. A future anchored into a common tradition, mentioning a single and unique landmark as it was the first professional Yiddish theatre founded in Ia?i, Romania, in 1876. Even our diplomatic ties are designed by the noticeable contribution of a pluralist diplomat of his time, Reuven Rubin, born and educated in Romania, one of the founders of the Israeli modern art.

Beside the political, economic and cultural bonds, the community of Israeli citizens of Romanian origin represents a special and valuable asset for our long-lasting partnership as well. By promoting the common heritage and the deep roots existing in our history, we strongly believe that the citizens of Romanian origin in the State of Israel will continue to be a real bridge towards a better understanding and cooperation between our countries.  The anniversary of 65 years could be a momentum to strengthen the existing cooperation aimed to establish a memorial dedicated to the life-work by a group of pioneers from Romania who established Rosh Pina in 1882, a milestone for the modern history.   Our present special relationship echoes a long history between the two peoples and Romania had courageously taken responsibility for recognizing the fate of the Jews in Romania during the Holocaust, to set-up the International Commission on the Holocaust in Romania and to implement its recommendations. The compendium of all 65 years of common history represents a challenging endeavor. It depends on us to fulfill the potential of this relation and we trust that we will be able to do this and the cooperation and friendship between our peoples and countries will go from strong to stronger in years to come.”

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