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October 20, 2021

Udrea would not say ‘no’ to Popular Movement

According to an IRES poll, the Popular Movement was born with a public notoriety of 61 pc and an electoral dowry of 9 per cent, figures that are almost unbelievable for a still amorphous group.


Less than a month after PDL’s National Convention that saw Vasile Blaga winning his second term at the helm of the party, waters continue to be murky within the party. Thus, PDL’s anti-Blaga faction is increasingly drawn toward the Popular Movement Foundation created by President Traian Basescu’s close aides, a foundation that has started to increasingly take shape these days. Left without a position of leadership within the party, former Tourism and Development Minister Elena Udrea, currently a simple PDL MP within the Lower Chamber, stated yesterday that she remains a PDL member for the time being but she might join the Popular Movement if the latter becomes a party. “I am a supporter of the idea that PDL should continue all projects it started for Romania along with Traian Basescu. If it were to turn into a party I think I would join the Popular Movement, but we don’t know if it will, nor what their view is on politicians joining the foundation,” Udrea said, being quoted by Mediafax, pointing out that there are many PDL colleagues, especially in local branches, that want to join the Popular Movement. She stated that she does not believe Vasile Blaga forbade party members to join the Popular Movement as several press articles show, adding that it is not illegal for a party member to be the member of a foundation.

At the same time, the former minister does not see the Popular Movement posing any danger for PDL, arguing that the two should be partners instead of being engaged in a competition. Nevertheless, according to a poll conducted last week by IRES and quoted by ‘Romania Libera,” the Popular Movement is threatening PDL. Thus, if elections were to take place next Sunday, PDL would win 19 per cent of the votes if the Popular Movement would not take part in the elections and only 13 per cent if the Popular Movement would, and the Popular Movement would win 9 per cent of the votes – which means at least a third of PDL’s voters would be willing to vote for Traian Basescu and his party.

The quiet within PDL does indeed seem to be an appearance, ‘Gandul’ daily journalists claim. According to Democrat-Liberal sources quoted by gandul.info, Elena Udrea’s backers are getting ready for revenge and are planning to join a different party by the time of next year’s EP elections, a party present in Parliament and at local level too. The first step would be the gradual defection of several MPs, during a period of two months at most, period in which the “dissidents” would build their own parliamentary groups within the Lower Chamber and the Senate. Similar moves would take place in parallel at local level. The Popular Movement propped up by President Traian Basescu is not aloof of this plan, the emergence of the new party, whose name is mulled to be the Popular Party according to the aforementioned sources, being thought out as a result of the need for representation.

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