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June 28, 2022

PDL to challenge the law at the Constitutional Court

The Democrat-Liberals took this decision after UDMR and PPDD announced that they will not sign a possible motion of no confidence initiated by PDL against the government. “PDL’s step at the CC is the most irresponsible political gesture of the last 23 years,” the PM stated.

PDL President Vasile Blaga stated yesterday that Premier Victor Ponta took responsibility for the law on retrocessions in a “perfect style of demagoguery” because the problems are left for future governments to solve, namely after the 2016 elections, pointing out that PDL will attack the draft law at the Constitutional Court (CC). “This law has a lot of shortcomings, the biggest of which is that it solves absolutely nothing, even the courts’ final rulings will be implemented only after 2016. He was talking about real-estate speculators – and I agree with the measure he proposes to tax them by 85 per cent – it’s just that he doesn’t refer to the future speculators, those of points… why aren’t they treated the same?” Blaga stated, being quoted by Mediafax.

He pointed out that the appeal filed to the CC will point out the fact that a draft law on restitution of properties is already included in a parliamentary procedure. “The government didn’t have the right to come up with this assumption of responsibility and there is a clear case at the CC when a Boc Government draft law was rejected on this issue,” the PDL President stated. Former Premier Emil Boc stated on the other hand that the government could have decided to push the retrocession law through Parliament instead of taking responsibility for it, because it has the majority. “Remember what Ponta was saying or the current ruling alliance was saying when the government I led was assuming responsibility in Parliament. I would only ask him to read what he was saying back when I was assuming responsibility. (…) They repeat the practice of assuming responsibility because they reached the conclusion that they have no other way. Unfortunately, they had another way, they have a majority of over 70 per cent in Parliament. We didn’t have such a majority and we had to take harsh austerity measures when we resorted to this practice,” Boc stated at a press conference. Victor Ponta’s reply was not late in coming. After Vasile Blaga announced that PDL will attack the draft law on nationalized properties at the CC, the Premier stated that the Democrat-Liberals’ move is by far “the most irresponsible political gesture” of the last 23 years because failure to adopt the law would force Romania to immediately pay EUR 8 bln.

UDMR and PPDD do not want motion of no-confidence yet

Resorting to the Constitutional Court was basically PDL’s only solution after UDMR and PPDD announced that they will not sign a possible motion of no confidence initiated by the Democrat-Liberals. In order to file the motion PDL would have needed 140 signatures, while the party has only 77 MPs. UDMR President Kelemen Hunor stated on Tuesday evening after meeting Premier Victor Ponta that UDMR decided not to sign a motion brought as a result of the government assuming responsibility for the law on the payment of damages for nationalized properties. Kelemen Hunor pointed out that this law does not cancel the former property owners’ rights. Shortly thereafter, Tudor Barbu, the leader of PPDD Senators, announced, also after meeting Ponta, that the party he represents will not sign a possible motion of no confidence either. “We will have a special position. (…) We decided not to sign because we cannot oppose a document that serves to solve a great part of the problems, but we can’t praise a government supported in Parliament by those that adopted the retrocession laws in these 23 years either, who caused huge damages to Romania,” Barbu added. Prior to those statements, PDL Vice President Cezar Preda had stated that “the opposition’s lack of cohesion allows Premier Victor Ponta to do absolutely anything.” “Mircea Toader, the leader of PDL MPs within the Lower Chamber, made a personal and completely erroneous statement that lacks basis within the party’s analysis when he said that PDL will file a motion of no confidence. PDL will not file a motion of no confidence. A motion of no confidence can only be filed with the backing of all opposition parties,” Preda stated. In reply, Ponta bantered PDL’s announcement that it will drop the motion of no confidence after the government’s assumption of responsibility, pointing out that as PSD President if he were to announce a motion and if he were unable to bring it about he would have hidden indoors for several days.


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