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March 3, 2021

Rival presidential candidate supporters clash in Caracas

In Venezuela, there have been clashes over the outcome of the country’s presidential election, Euronews informs. Supporters of Nicolas Maduro, the declared winner by just two percent, have been illuminating the night skies since Monday with fireworks. But supporters of opposition candidate, Henrique Capriles are doing their best to make themselves heard by banging pots and pans in protest. With both candidates having called for their supporters to counter their rivals, the capital Caracas is braced for a cacophony of sound. Both Maduro and Capriles have blamed each other for the post-election violence that is allegedly caused seven deaths and dozens more injuries. Maduro has banned an opposition march to demand a recount and the National Electoral Council has reiterated that its decision stands. President-elect Nicolas Maduro says he has proof that the US embassy is financing the ongoing protests, Russia Today reports.Unless, it performs an unlikely u-turn, Maduro is due to be sworn in tomorrow.

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