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March 3, 2021

Unemployment rate dropped to 7 pc last year

The unemployment rate dropped from 7.4 in 2011 to 7 per cent last year, the number of unemployed persons reaching 701,000, according to the data that the National Statistics Institute (INS) posted yesterday. In 2012 Romania had a labor force of 9.964 million persons, of which 9.263 million were employed and 701,000 were unemployed. Unemployment affected the graduates of primary and secondary education (unemployment rates of 7.5 and 6.9 per cent respectively) more than it affected the graduates of tertiary education (unemployment rate of 5.6 per cent). The long-term unemployment rate (unemployment periods of over a year) stood at 3.2 per cent.

Long-term unemployment had a share of 45.3 per cent in the overall unemployment rate. Long-term unemployment was higher among women (45.7 per cent against 45.1 per cent among men) and in urban areas (48.2 per cent against 39.2 per cent in rural areas).


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