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August 15, 2022

Unprecedented anti-terror drill in Bucharest

Independent Service for Interventions and Special Actions (SIIAS) fighters supported by teams from Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece took part yesterday in an anti-terror drill in Bucharest, their mission being to save the passengers of a bus hijacked by four terrorists. The drill took place simultaneously in eight other countries, based on different scenarios, a Romanian Police communiqué shows. “This drill is unprecedented given its extent. According to the scenario this is an act of revenge from terrorist organizations, in response to a series of ample actions taken at European level, actions that resulted in arrests and the impounding of goods. In Romania’s case the terrorists at first attack sites in several cities and then plan an attack in Bucharest, a city left vulnerable as a result of the fact that the special troops are involved in other operations. In this context we ask our colleagues in Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus for assistance,” Teodor Stanca, head of the SIIAS, stated for Mediafax. He pointed out that according to the scenario four terrorists hijack a bus and take 23 passengers hostage.

The terrorists ask for one million Dollars for every hostage released and a statement from “the European Justice Minister.” In case their demands are not met by 1 AM they will kill the hostages. According to rev.net, the “Common Challenge” drill is organized by the ATLAS network, an association made up of the special anti-terrorism police units of the 27 EU member states and will take place in Romania, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.

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