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March 4, 2021

Danone: Aflatoxin caused hundreds of thousand euros loss

The loss Danone incurred from the scandal caused by aflatoxin amounts to several hundred thousand euros, Danone Director for Central and Southern Europe Dieter Schulz said yesterday, according to capital.ro. He explained the aflatoxin had affected the entire Romanian market, including farmers, and Danone has suffered like any other company.

The most affected were sales, which declined, but also production.  ANSVSA specialists say the main cause of the presence of M1 aflatoxin in milk is the forage contaminated with B1 aflatoxin as a result of storage in improper conditions during the cold season. Visiting a dairy factory, Agriculture Minister Daniel Constantin said the plastic foil used to manufacture the plastic recipients in which yoghurt is sold is imported from Poland because the material in locally unavailable. On the other hand, the milk used by producers is 90 per cent local.

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