Judiciary: Ponta says Romania a guinea pig for EU

Premier Victor Ponta stated on Wednesday at the meeting held by the Superior Magistracy Council’s (CSM) Office for Judges that in what concerns the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) and the National Integrity Agency (ANI) what is tested on our country is then applied to others, giving as an example the publication of statements of assets in France based on the Romanian model, local media reports.“Concerning the lifting of the CVM, I believe that after next year the new European Commission will rather establish a type of mechanism applicable to all members. But I don’t believe in the idea that there will no longer be a CVM. I believe that it will remain and will expand and will probably have a different form than that for Romania and Bulgaria. It’s good to make our own internal mechanism but let’s not harbor any illusions. There will rather be a common mechanism for all 28 countries in the whole European Union.

There will be one in a different form and not just for Romania and Bulgaria. You saw that we are now sharing with the French our experience with ANI. What is being tested on us is applied on others too, it’s just that it’s not always pleasant to be the one on which tests are conducted,” Ponta told the CSM judges.In what concerns the coming into force of the new codes, Ponta told the members of CSM that it would be better for Romania to no longer set too ambitious goals for herself in order to avoid being then criticized by Brussels officials.“You know what’s bad? It’s bad that we are assuming unrealistic deadlines and then we get upset that others are telling us: you said February 1 or March 1 and you are not capable. On the other hand, we will never be prepared one hundred per cent. It would be better not to set excessively ambitious goals for ourselves if we know we cannot implement them,” the Premier pointed out.Victor Ponta has revealed that one of the reasons why he proposed Robert Cazanciuc as Justice Minister was that he “is not a conflictual character” and wants to be a minister that will have the best relation possible with the CSM.


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