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August 12, 2022

Media: Tokes’s party financed by Hungarian public companies

An investigation by Hungarian language portal Transindex.ro of Cluj shows those entities close to MEP Laszlo Tokes are financed by state-owned companies from Hungary. The Conservative Party notifies DNA, the Electoral Body and the domestic intelligence agency.

State-owned Hungarian companies have financed with over EUR 3 M numerous legal entitles in Romania closely connected to MEP Laszlo Tokes, an investigation of Hungarian language portal  Transindex.ro of  Cluj, done by  journalist Sipos Zoltán and adevarul.ro, says. The quoted source indicates everything happened after Hungarian PM Viktor Orban’s party FIDESZ came back into power in 2010, the entities involved in the scheme being the National Council of Hungarians in Transylvania (CNMT) – founded in 2003 and led by Laszlo Tokes, the People’s Party of Hungarians in Romania (PPMT) – set up in 2010 and led by Tibor T. Toro, and the EMNT Association, which imports to its title the CNMT Hungarian acronym, meaning EMNT. Also founded in 2010, the EMNT Association is presided over by the same Laszlo Tökes and, according to press reports, was immediately equipped in its leading structures with relatives and acquaintances of the other two entities, CNMT and PPMT, such as Gergely Balasz, Tokes’ nephew, or Toro Tamas, the son of the PPMT leader Toro T. Tibor. If the first two entities play a mainly political role, the EMNT Association has an important financial role, as, unlike the other two, as an NGO, it is eligible for financing from abroad, in this case from the FIDESZ Government in Budapest, the quoted source futher notes.

The detailed electoral income and expenditure report of PPMT, published on the website of the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC), shows that, during the local election in the summer of 2012, PPMT had total revenue of EUR 116,000 and expenditure of EUR 113,000. For the parliamentary election in 2012, PPMT had total revenue of EUR 127,000 and expenditure of EUR 115,000. The leader of PPMT however denies his party has received any financing from FIDESZ. ‘If FIDESZ had funded our campaign, we wouldn’t have done it the way we had to.

It would have been a better campaign’, Tibor T. Toro said in an interview for the Hungarian language transindex.ro portal based in Romania.As for CBMT, the website of the institution contains no information regarding the financing. The only indication is a material published by ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily, quoting an official document prepared after a financial check in Romania, which shows that the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice of Hungary transferred a total of EUR 490,000 to the account of the EMNT Association, an NGO affiliated with CNMT. Upon our express request regarding the sum allocated to the EMNT Association, the Hungarian Ministry of Public Administration and Justice refused to say anything on the subject, invoking a 2007 law which excludes the financing of overseas organisations or individual persons from the category of information of public interest. On the other hand, about the ENMT Association it is known that it has been awarded by the Hungarian Foreign Ministry financing for a census campaign and for the dissemination of the Miko Imre project (for aiding small Hungarian enterprises in Transylvania – a/n). Overall, the EMNT Association has benefited from total financing worth EUR 8,000. The Hungarian Development Bank with 100% public capital has financed a series of community development training in 22 Transylvanian localities with EUR 84,000. The programme was going to be implemented by the EMNT Association from December 2012 to February 2013.



UDMR won’t endorse Tokes for European elections

Laszlo Tokes will not be on UDMR’s list of candidates in the 2014 European election, President Kelemen Hunor told RFI yesterday. ‘We have people ready. We once placed him in top position on our list and then he left to set up a new political party’. Tokes was the first candidate on the UDMR list last election, but has turned into a political opponent of the formation in the past years.

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