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October 18, 2021

Nastase: If I were Ponta, I would cohabitate with Basescu

The former premier spoke on TV about his suicide attempt and the complaint he has filed with the ECHR over the injustice of his sentence.

Former premier Adrian Nastase said Wednesday on Antena 3, answering a question, that he would cohabitate with President Traian Basescu if he were acting PM Victor Ponta. Referring to the cohabitation between president and premier, former Interior minister Ioan Rus said Wednesday, in another talk-show on TV, that Traian Basescu, Victor Ponta and Crin Antonescu must cohabitate.

Nastase also referred to the fact that the cohabitation pact should have been signed by the leader of the Parliament majority, rather than Ponta.He added that he had a different opinion than Ponta regarding the cohabitation pact, considering that the document should have been signed by Traian Basescu and the leaders of the acting majority in Parliament, in order to counter the criticism with the fact that the responsibility falls upon the leader of the majority.“Here I had a different opinion than Ponta, as an observer, because I had more time than he. If this was what they wanted, a cohabitation pact should have been concluded by the president and the leaders of the new parliamentary majority, because this would have prevented some criticism by the very fact that the signatures and responsibility belonged to the leaders of the new majority,” Nastase mentioned.He added that he can understand that, sometimes, all personal relations aside, a certain formula is needed that will be to the best interest of the country, admitting that the margin is very hard to tell.Speaking about the latest decision, Nastase said that, if the risk of blockage is very high, someone must make the first move.“With regard to the cohabitation, this represents a given objective,” Nastase mentioned.

The former premier said that acting PM Victor Ponta is “a very big surprise” for him and he would give him more than 9 points out of 10, i.e. B+. The former president of PSD added that he hopes Ponta will form, around him, a strong team which apparently does not exist now.Nastase added that Ponta now must lead two government, a Social-Democratic one and another Liberal, but it is important for USL to give a signal of unity, at least until the end of 2014. Nastase would give USL a lower mark, of just B1.Former premier Adrian Nastase also announced that, in December 2012, he filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), to prove the injustice of his sentence, but he did not want to ask the pardon of President Traian Basescu, because this would have meant a humiliation and the admission of guilt.“I will further seek a judicial remedy – and this is something I have not said until now – I took my case to the ECHR ever since December, in relation with this sentence, because I want from now on to demonstrate the incorrect procedure and the injustice of the respective sentence,” Nastase stated.Nastase also mentioned that his suicide attempt, which some said it was “a trick,” was in fact true, which is demonstrated by the marks it left on his body.“That bullet passed one millimeter from the carotid. (…) It went through the shoulder, hit a bone and ricocheted,” Nastase explained on Antena 3.PSD Honorary President Ion Iliescu stated on Thursday that an ECHR decision favorable to former premier Adrian Nastase would change the internal perception but would not represent a launching pad for his political come-back.

Iliescu added that in his opinion Nastase will in the future play the role of “moral guide mark,” being of the opinion that the former premier will not enter political life too soon and will rather seek to find professional satisfaction, being a studious man.

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