Romanian investors increasingly determined to set a foot into local business environment

At the conference founding the Association of the Forum of Domestic Investors on Wednesday, Romanian entrepreneurs reiterated the very difficult situation they were in, as a result of the absence of all measures from both the current and former Government that could encourage Romanian business sand industrial environment. Ioan Niculae, InterAgro President and the initiator of the action to which approximately 500 businesspeople answered, says fiscal measures taken work against the business environment. ‘We are exasperated because of the autism of the political class, at least in the last 2-3 years, to which we only exist every four years when, also with our votes, they come into power. We are shocked by the determination of Romanian political establishment against Romanian capital’, said the businessman.

Paralela 45 tour agency owner Alin Burcea in turn evoked the idea of a private government as a body made up of entrepreneurs. ‘But why are we still here? Because, all this time, we have failed with our employers’ associations. I would like to see the situation where the minister of tourism is seen by the head of the employers’ association and not the other way around’, the businessman said. Burcea added that state officials had poor business knowledge and a low willingness to engage in dialogue.  Fildas founder Anca Vlad says Romanian investors are losing ground to European competitors. ‘We can all feel the need for change. We are making huge efforts to subsist in a hostile business environment.

This struggle has made us even wiser, but we are losing ground to our European competitors. Unfortunately, it is not the employers’ organisations that set the agenda. The problems Romanian employers have are acute, related to the discrimination we experience. If we come together and act as a robust organisation, we may be successful’, Anca Vlad said.

The association includes Romanian companies such as Tiriac Holding, Ana Holding, CrisTim, Pambac Bacau, Romconstruct, Romenergo, Albalact, Class, Vincon, Armax Gaz Sibiu, Paralela 45, Raureni, Sanador, Bostina & Asociatii, Banca Carpatica, Electromontaj. InterAgro President Ioan Niculae says entrepreneurs and managers of Romanian companies with a total of 1.2 M employees participated in the constitution of the association.

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