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January 16, 2022

Russian ambassador: The Deveselu shield can become a target for Russia

In an interview with the ‘Romania libera’ newspaper, the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Bucharest, Oleg S. Malginov, spoke about the price of the gas purchase from Gazprom and the priorities of the Russian Federation in the relation with Romania.

The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Bucharest, Oleg S. Malginov said in an interview with the ‘Romania libera’ newspaper that the anti-missile shield of Deveselu can become a target for Russia. “In the present paradigm, impossible to understand for Moscow and impossible to accept for the Russian Federation, this is not simply about the shield, but the fact that it can pose a potential threat for Romania. It is a provocation, because the Deveselu base can become a target, if Russia, in its turn, considers that it is the target of the anti-missile shield. This is a normal point of view for every military.

This is why we need certain guarantees. We understood, the Deveselu base will be constructed, but we need guarantees that it does not target Russia’s strategic arsenal. At discussion level, we received such assurance from all the political representatives of Romania. However, they must be given a legal form. The major partner in these negotiations is the United States of America,” the Russian diplomat said.Malginov added that the number one priority of his mandate is to develop a strong economic cooperation.Referring to Gazprom, the Russian ambassador mentioned: “For Russia, Southstream is a very important project. We preponderantly are a country that produces energy and exports resources – crude oil and gas. Thus, as a producer, Russia is interested to export what it has. Or, blocking these possibilities becomes a vulnerability factor for the national security of Russia. (…) In general, the import of Russian gas is around 30 pc, higher in some countries, lower in others. As far as we are concerned, we need guarantees that our gas goes to Europe, as well as the other markets of the world. Southstream, a project developed by Gazprom, is part of this process. From what I know, since the first steps, there were also some talks with Romania.

They did not reach any result and remained just possibilities. I am not sure that the first pipelines will also cross Romania, but there are also other related elements. In 2011, Gazprom expressed its intent to make explorations about the location of pipelines in the Southstream project, in case they will have to also cross the Romanian territory, but those talks have not taken place yet.” Speaking about the price of gas, Malginov said that it is – more or less – decided by market demand.As for the bilateral relations of the two countries, the Russian ambassador in Bucharest is generally content with them. “However I want more concrete results.”

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