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April 20, 2021

Media: EBA, Strasbourg queen of blunders

Elena Basescu has again left the MEPs dazed and confused, as, during a debate over the institutional deadlock on multiannual fishery management plans, the Romanian president’s youngest daughter read a speech prepared for a different debate, one on the Arctic, to be more exact, Jurnalul national reports.

Elena Basescu defends herself on Twitter, saying she is not the one to blame for the blunder. “Amid global warming and the melting of the ice cap, large hydrocarbon resources have been found, awakening the interest of several states,” a vivacious  Elena Basescu said, who added that the “energy resources found in the Arctic Ocean must be responsibly exploited.”.At some moment during her speech, the microphone was switched off and she was told her speech was not remotely related to the issue discussed.

Elena Basescu points the finger at the technical staff of the plenum presidio. “I had registered for the debate on the “European Union strategy for the Arctic region” and I was invited to speak at the debate over the institutional deadlock on multiannual fishery management plans instead. The electronic table that announced the title of the debate was off at the time. I had just returned to the plenum and I was unaware what issue was being debated,” Elena Basescu wrote on Twitter.


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