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February 27, 2021

New Ponta-Antonescu divergences

PNL President Crin Antonescu said yesterday he did not approve of the beginning of the election campaign for the European Parliament as Premier Victor Ponta had suggested at the PSD Congress last weekend.


PNL President Crin Antonescu said yesterday it was normal for PSD and PNL to use separate lists of candidates in the election for the European Parliament, because that was ‘an election of colour, of European political family’, but he would have preferred an announcement made by USL rather than unilaterally by PSD. “I think it would have been preferable to have had a discussion and a decision inside ULS, the same decision, to have separate lists, that would have bee preferable to a unilateral announcement,” Antonescu said. The Liberal leader also said PNL did not agree with the fact that the campaign for the European election should begin a year before the date of the election.

“I hope Ponta spoke in a symbolic way, we don’t need a whole year of campaign,” Antonescu said. He mentioned that the USL and Government priority should not be a year’s election campaign, but “cohesion and coherence in the act of governance, the review of the Constitution and the regionalisation.”Antonescu noted that, in principle, the target PNL had for the European Parliament election was 25-30 per cent of the vote. “It is possible to have separate lists in the European election, because there is not the kind of stake and constraint that existed in the parliamentary election,” Crin Antonescu said. Antonescu added that he did not believe a non-aggression pact had to be signed between PSD and PNL for the European parliamentary election because he counted on the maturity of USL leaders. In his opinion, the election will be ‘a maturity test’. PSD President Victor Ponta said at the PSD Congress on Saturday that, the following Monday, PSD was starting the election campaign for the European Parliament, adding that, in May 2014, PSD would no longer be under the ‘USL umbrella’.


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