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May 16, 2021

CNCD took note of Puiu Hasotti’s statements on homosexuals

The National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) has taken note of the statements made by Senator Puiu Hasotti on homosexuals, and will establish whether he is guilty of discrimination.CNCD decided on Wednesday not to sanction Puiu Hasotti for his statements on homosexuals because the statements fall within the limits of freedom of speech and do not contain elements of incitement or direct threat, however it publicly condemns such statements, considering them to be homophobic.

CNCD President Csaba Asztalos stated for Mediafax that Senator Puiu Hasotti will be subpoenaed and can show up for hearings or send a written point of view to the Council. The Council will later discuss this case in order to establish whether the Senator is guilty of discrimination. If he is found guilty he may receive a warning or a fine ranging from RON 1,000 to RON 100,000. Asztalos was unable to say for the time being when the hearings will take place and when the decision will be taken. A notification can be solved within a period of three months. CNCD did not receive a notification concerning Hasotti’s statements but it took note of them at the initiative of one of the nine members of its leadership board, in line with the regulations. Puiu Hasotti made a series of statements on homosexuals when he commented on the announcement that MP Remus Cernea made on April 12, an announcement concerning a draft law on introducing civil unions for heterosexuals and same-sex persons. In that context, the leader of PNL Senators stated that he has “absolutely nothing” to reproach homosexuals with, but he considers them “just some sick people.” “MP Remus Cernea wants to be extravagant, to use a peaceful word. I have absolutely nothing to reproach homosexuals with, I just consider them some sick people.

Homosexuality is not a normal condition, is not a natural relationship, that is why in my opinion they have absolutely no chance,” Puiu Hasotti stated for ProTV News when asked for an opinion on Cernea’s initiative to introduce civil unions between same-sex persons. Puiu Hasotti subsequently stated that his reactions towards MP Remus Cernea’s legislative proposals should not be understood “in a strictly pathological sense,” pointing out that his statement was political. Hasotti pointed out that he paid too much attention to Cernea’s initiatives that have no chances of being adopted in Parliament.On April 15, the Accept Association issued a communiqué asking CNCD and the National Liberal Party to “immediately sanction” Puiu Hasotti for his statement on homosexuals, however CNCD is yet to receive any notification from the NGO.

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