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October 20, 2021

Daimler invests EUR 280 M at Sebes, in the manufacturing of gearboxes for Mercedes-Benz

The production of a 5-gear automatic gearbox will begin at the middle of this year.

The Board of Daimler AG decided to expand the manufacturing of gearboxes for Mercedes-Benz Cars that will be established at the Daimler production unit in Romania, Star Transmission, the company informs. Over EUR 280 M will be invested in the production of a new generation of automatic gearboxes in Romania. In total, the company plans investments that will exceed EUR 300 M.“The expansion of our production network will include an additional location for the assembling of gearboxes, conceived in order to complete our existing capacities. Our purpose is to cope with the increased demand by our customers, with a higher flexibility in the future,” said Andreas Renschler, member of the Daimler Board of Management for Production and Public Acquisitions Mercedes-Benz Cars and Mercedes-Benz Vans. In order to adequately transfer the expertise from Stuttgart, Romanian employees will take a special course. For several months, they will work in the Unterturkheim factory, in teams that will be in charge with quality assurance, maintenance, logistics and production.

The Daimler production unit, Star Transmission was set up in 2001. The company and the approximately 800 employees in Cugir and Sebes currently manufacture parts for the engines and gearboxes of current Mercedes-Benz automobiles, as well as gearboxes for older models that must still receive spare parts. The company already decided to start the production of a new 5-gear automatic gearbox around the middle of this year, at its new facility in Sebes. Starting 2014, the present generation of dual-clutch gearboxes will also be assembled by this unit.

This will provide additional assembling capacities which will complete the production of the Stuttgart unit, where assembling operations were concentrated until now. With support from the Romanian government in view of expanding the production capacity, it is estimated that the new generation of automatic gearboxes will be also manufactured in the new production network which involves the units of Stuttgart (complete manufacturing, including the assembling) and Sebes (assembling only) starting 2016.

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