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May 26, 2020

Daniel Morar’s appointment at CC, contested by magistrates

“He does not meet the legal condition of high professional competence,” the magistrates state. They asked President Basescu yesterday to revoke the decree on Morar’s appointment.

The Association of Romanian Magistrates (AMR) contests the appointment of Daniel Morar at the Constitutional Court (CC), arguing that he lacks the necessary competence to hold that position. The magistrates want the decision revoked. “Basically Mr. Daniel Marius Morar does not meet the legal condition of high professional competence. Three cases in which he, as a prosecutor, seriously broke conventional international legal norms are public knowledge (…) and, with that, the constitutional stipulations concerning the relation between national and international law. We are talking about the Liviu Ciupe case, the Viorel Burzo case and the Corneliu Birsan case,” the AMR communiqué reads.

According to AMR, “these professional failures and Mr. Daniel Marius Morar’s serious abuses prove his serious lack of knowledge of conventional international legal norms that are directly applicable in internal Romanian law and the Romanian Constitution, consequently he does not meet the legal condition to be appointed judge within the Constitutional Court, namely high professional competence.”At the same time, AMR has asked the Romanian President to revoke the decree on appointing Daniel Morar at the Constitutional Court, accusing him of professional failures and serious abuses, as well as of not knowing international legal norms and the Constitution.AMR sent to President Traian Basescu a preliminary administrative complaint asking him to “revoke in full” decree number 326 issued on March 25, 2013, on appointing Daniel Morar as judge within the Constitutional Court, claiming that the document is “not legal.”

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