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February 4, 2023

Six top politicians investigated by ANI

Theodor Stolojan, Marian Vanghelie, Klaus Iohannis, Aristotel Cancescu, Florentin Popescu and Nicusor Constantinescu deny any wrongdoing.

The National Integrity Agency (ANI) accuses Theodor Stolojan of false statements, Marian Vanghelie of discrepancies between his incomes and assets, Klaus Iohannis, Aristotel Cancescu and Nicusor Constantinescu of incompatibility and Florin Popescu of conflict of interests. MEP Theodor Stolojan, a PDL member, is accused of false statements for failing to include in his statement of assets and interests filed on May 25, 2012, the Transgaz Medias shares he owns. The High Court of Justice’s Prosecutor’s Office has been notified in this case. Former premier Theodor Stolojan is uncertain of his failure to declare his Transgaz shares, ‘Gandul’ daily writes. Stolojan added that he “correctly filled in” his statement of assets in May 2012, pointing out that the statement referred to the situation registered on December 31, 2011, back when he was yet to buy Transgaz shares. At the same time, ANI claims that it discovered a discrepancy of over EUR 180,000 between District 5 Mayor Marian Vanghelie’s incomes and assets. ANI has notified the Bucharest Court of Appeals’ Asset Investigation Commission. Vanghelie stated for ‘Gandul’ that in the last six months the prosecutor’s office did not start to prosecute him after verifying his assets, pointing out at the same time that he wants to sue Horia Georgescu, the head of ANI.

The PSD Vice President pointed out that nothing changed in his statement of assets, adding: “extra money from where?” Sibiu Mayor Klaus Iohannis (PNL) was found to be incompatible since he represents the city within the Shareholders’ General Assembly of SC Apa Canal SA Sibiu and SC Piete SA, which runs against legal provisions. Iohannis “considers the charges baseless and has already sent an answer to ANI,” Sibiu City Hall spokesperson Mirela Gligore stated yesterday. PDL MP Florin Popescu, former president of the Dambovity County Council, stated for ‘Gandul’ that he went to ANI two weeks ago, adding that he will attack the ruling in court, without attacking ANI though, an institution he “respects.”

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