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April 1, 2023

More than half of Romanian employees have gross wages under RON 1,500 a month

More than half of Romanian employees earn gross monthly wages under RON 1,500 and only 5 pc earn over RON 5,000; meanwhile, 70 pc of women and 65 pc of men have gross monthly salaries under RON 2,000, the National Statistics Institute (INS) reports. Gross wage registered moderate increases in most economic activities, except hotels and restaurants, where it diminished by 4.7 pc. The most significant increases were in administrative and support services (13.0 pc) and the extractive industry (10.8 pc). The analysis of the ratio between the base salary and the achieved salary, per activities, shows that the highest bonuses are found in the extractive industry (35.5 pc), the production and supply of electricity, thermal energy, gas, hot water and air conditioned (28.3 pc), transport and storage (24.6 pc). The average gross salary gain achieved by the employees that worked at least 23 days with full programme, per total economy, amounted to RON 2,151. Women earned, in average, 10.9 pc less than men, which gives an average gross salary of RON 2,018 (compared to RON 2,266 for men). Men earned higher average gross wages than women in most economic sectors, with the biggest differences being encountered in financial intermediation and insurances (38.1 pc), other services (33.5 pc), processing industry (30.8 pc), commerce (23.4 pc), information and communications (16.0 pc), education (14.0 pc), health and social assistance (12.7 pc). The employees working in the legislative body, the executive, high ranking officials from public administration, leading officials have the highest gains in all sectors (RON 4,989), with values between RON 2,134 in hotels and restaurants and RON 9,407 in financial intermediation and insurances. The lowest gross wages are paid to unskilled workers and the personnel of the services sector (RON 1,092 and RON 1,128 respectively).

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