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August 7, 2022

Thousands of faithful attend Palm Sunday pilgrimage

Over 1.4 million Romanians celebrated their name day on Palm Sunday.

Orthodox and Greek Catholic faithful celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday, a holiday rejoicing the Lord’s Entrance into Jerusalem, and also the day of those who bear flowers names. Palm Sunday ushers in paschal preparations and marks the beginning of “The Passion Week” following the 40-day Lent Fast. Nearly 3,000 faithful and circa 700 priests attended the Palm Sunday pilgrimage in Bucharest on Saturday, when the first sermon was officiated at the construction site of the forthcoming People’s Salvation Cathedral.

A makeshift altar was made on a 4m-high concrete platform from where Patriarch Daniel and the Vicar Bishop of the Bucharest Archdiocese, Varsanufie Prahoveanul, surrounded by a group of 12 priests and deacons said a thank-you prayer for the works performed at the infrastructure of the future cathedral. Other thank-you messages were delivered at the religious service officiated in the Patriarchal Church, after the pilgrimage. “I wanted to go there so people could see the work stage. They may have not donated money since there was no work in sight. Now, they can do it, as they saw it for themselves,” the Patriarch also said.

The event went on smoothly, with pilgrims walking in orderly, disturbed by neither beggars nor street vendors who usually interfere with such events.

Over 1.4 million Romanians celebrated their name day on Palm Sunday, as follows: bearers of the given name Florin (334,634), Viorel (146,328, including the country’s current Prime Minister, Victor Ponta) and Viorica (146,268), as well as some hundreds of people named Margarit (699), Micsunica (626), Panseluta (444) and Crizantema (303).

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