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August 12, 2022

“We believe in the Romanian market’s development potential”

Interview with Schoffer Lorand, CEO Riwo Transport Romania.

This is already the 12th year since Riwo Transport is active on the Romanian market, registering a continual evolution of services. What are the company’s trump cards on the local market, bearing in mind the high level of competitiveness in the transport and logistics industry?

Our company owns the fleet, storage deposits in the Netherlands, Italy and Romania. Apart from our fleet we are also working with carefully selected subcontractors, agents and logistics partners. We have a cross docking network that allows fast loading/offloading and the combination of international transport with the national distribution network for a faster delivery. Our motto is: “Riwo, we zijn er zo” (Riwo, we get there right away).

As an important representative of the foreign businessmen’s community, what are the main difficulties that Riwo Transport faced in Romania since entering the market here? What is your message for potential Dutch investors?

Throughout the years we faced a lot of problems, from the lack of quality services to the red tape characteristic of past years, we were forced to treat every problem with a lot of understanding and patience but all of this is in the past. We managed to help a lot of Dutch companies open businesses in Romania because of the experience we went through. If we look behind and analyze the present we notice that things evolved in the right direction, of course there is a lot of work still left to do, we hope to find support from the competent authorities too. The main disadvantage is the lack of adequate infrastructure needed in order to conduct transport and logistics activities in normal parameters, at European level. Nevertheless, Romania offers multiple possibilities, my advice for Dutch investors: come, see and try to enter the local market.

How does 2013 appear for Riwo Transport Romania after the first quarter and what are your estimates and goals for the whole year?

The first quarter is in line with our expectations, we registered year-on-year growth. The main goals for this year and naturally for the following years would be to develop a logistical platform in Romania, to enlarge the auto park, to replace the present fleet.

Because of the financial crisis that was given a lot of media coverage in recent years, a period of trials for all businesses ensured. How do you see the profile market in Romania at this moment and how is it seen in the region? You estimate it at what value?

Our company mainly works between Benelux, Italy, Romania and within the countries situated within this triangle but not only there, each country has its specificity. Romania is an important market for exports but also an exporting country for our area of activity. We believe in the Romanian market’s development potential and we want to contribute with the Dutch know-how gained in time on international markets.

Guided by the motto “Riwo, we zijn er zo” (Riwo, we get there right away), the company you represent started to implement the ICT platform. What is this exactly and what feedback did you receive from your clients and collaborators so far?

The new ICT platform is composed of one of the most developed applications in our line of work at this moment. The implementation of the ICT platform (Board Computer, Track&Trace, Charter Solution, Backoffice etc) started last year, in the first stages we worked in parallel with both systems, the new platform was undergoing internal testing, it had to be adapted to our company’s requirements and specificity. Early this month we switched to the new platform, the feedback from clients and collaborators is positive and we want it to continue staying like this. We will implement the new system in all locations of the group and we will have a joint and common platform for Riwo Transport.


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