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December 1, 2021

Basescu: “Romanians are the true winners. I thank them!”

Victor Ponta stated that President Traian Basescu is busy “rewriting history” however the Boc Government remains “the most incompetent and corrupt” while the Ungureanu government is not only the shortest-lived but also the most embarrassing, pointing out that USL’s efforts have to focus on governing.

In an ample interview for ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily, President Traian Basescu showed that the pleasant surprise that the USL Prime Minister made was that he maintained “broadly speaking” the economic measures taken by the PDL government in 2010 and did not “immediately” implement the commitments with which he took office in 2012, commitments that could have generated a disaster. President Traian Basescu praised Romanians for enduring the austerity measures and pointed out that the fact that the country came out of the excessive deficit procedure represents a success. “It is, after all, a matter of national dignity,” Basescu stated. In the interview the Head of State talks about the European situation, the chances of joining the Schengen Area, and about the sources of economic growth. Basescu thus mentions the May 10 decision last year, when he publicly announced a series of unprecedented austerity measures. Asked why he insisted on sharing with all three governments – the Boc, Ungureanu and Ponta governments – the success of restoring the country’s macroeconomic balance, the President answered: “It’s simple: Boc assumed difficult austerity measures and the other two did not deteriorate the process.

Think about only with what commitments the Ponta Government took office in May 2012. Had he planned to implement them immediately it would have been a disaster. The whole process of rapidly coming out of the crisis would have collapsed. The fact that he maintained broadly speaking the policies launched by Boc in 2010 was a pleasant surprise for me, but it was especially beneficial for attaining the target. Boc however remains the artisan of the success, because he implemented the austerity measures and he also paid the political price.” At the same time, asked why he continues to consider that austerity is a solution, Basescu pointed out that no nation can endlessly ensure its prosperity with borrowed money. “Likewise, we all know that borrowed money have to be paid back, we know that any austerity programme has to be implemented fast and for a reasonable period of time,” he added.

The Head of State also pointed out that the lack of budget funds cannot be replaced with statements such as that according to which austerity is not really the best thing. Asked “what do you think are the problems that limit the flow of foreign investments in Romania,” the President answered that we have a fairly attractive fiscal framework, “our problem here being excessive red tape and sometimes corruption.” “And, finally, the fourth source of financing consists of EIB development loans, for which however we have to create fiscal space within the state budget, something that would no longer be very difficult starting from now on,” Basescu added.“I say we should deal with governing, rewriting history is Mr. Basescu’s job. I continue to believe the Boc Government was the most incompetent and corrupt government Romania had and we have been struggling for a year now to fix what they broke and to send their thieves to the prosecutor’s office. This to make it very clear who praises whom, we came to office after a bunch of incompetents and thieves. It’s not the first time, it’s true, but I believe we have chances to rebuild Romania,” Premier Victor Ponta stated yesterday at the start of USL’s Permanent National Bureau meeting. President Traian Basescu stated on Friday, referring to Romania’s economic situation, that “the ship is at berth, in safe port,” thanking the Boc, Ungureanu and Ponta government for this outcome. “I lived with all three governments and I’m trying to give credit to each one.

The Boc Government put national interest above party interest and basically sacrificed its votes in order to restore the country’s macroeconomic balance, in order to give a chance to resuming development, in order to restore dignity to Romanians. A country that borrows money from the Fund in order to pay salaries and pensions is not a country with the best reputation,” Basescu stated. The Head of State added that he thanks the Ungureanu Government too for “not affecting the recovery path and the recovery of imbalances,” stating that the same goes for the Ponta Government.

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