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July 28, 2021

Horia Georgescu, ANI: 20 MPs could lose their seats

In the upcoming period courts will solve dozens of cases that concern the confiscation of assets fraudulently obtained by state officials, Horia Georgescu, the head of the National Integrity Agency (ANI), stated in an interview for ‘Romania Libera.’Nevertheless, Horia Georgescu wants to modify the law so that the properties illegally obtained can be confiscated by the state much faster than they are now. Even in its current formula however, the state budget obtained “millions of Euros confiscated for the first time after 1989 through an administrative, not criminal procedure,” Horia Georgescu stated. Around 20 MPs could lose their seats because of their integrity problems, the ANI President stated, basing his forecast on the number of ongoing trials, on the final rulings the Agency has already obtained and also on the trials in which the High Court is about to issue rulings.

Horia Georgescu refused to comment on the investigations that ANI is conducting abroad, suggesting however that things are advancing both in what concerns the investigations that focus on trade union leaders and those that focus on politicians. On the other hand, the head of ANI believes that the leaders of intelligence services should be exempted in the future ANI law from the obligation to fill-in statements of assets. Apart from the names rumored a week ago, which included Marian Vanghelie, Klaus Johannis, Aristotel Cancescu and Florin Popescu, the head of ANI stated that there are another 20 MPs that could lose their seats because of integrity issues. However, he did not point out their names. “There are ongoing trials, in some we’ve already obtained final and irrevocable rulings that are waiting for the revoking procedure just like in the Andon and Mircea Diaconu cases. I am talking here about the case of MP Aurel Nechita. So far the Lower Chamber reacted promptly when courts issued rulings. Likewise, final decisions are close to be adopted at the High Court in the cases of other MPs, after we won those trials in the court of first instance,” Georgescu stated.

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