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December 6, 2021

Basescu: USL missed Schengen entry. We need a competent Government

The president offered an interview to the ‘Calea Europeana’ online publication, speaking on domestic and foreign politics, adoption of the euro, austerity and other current matters.

President Traian Basescu said on Wednesday that USL had missed the entry of Romania to the Schengen Area, stressing the country needed a competent Government able to create jobs and generate economic growth. These are the main ideas outlined in an interview the head of state gave to the caleaeuropeana.ro website. Traian Basescu said USL was to blame for the postponement of the accession to Schengen and that Romania still had a chance to integrate itself thanks to a positive decision of the JAI Council in December this year, forgetting that his right-wing governments also failed to get the country in the border free-area, three years in a row. ‘We must emphasise that Romania meets technical conditions to join and, if it hadn’t been for the parliamentary coup last summer, the JAI Council in October 2012 would have certainly decided to let us into Schengen. It wasn’t meant to happen and here nobody seems to feel responsible for what happened. On the contrary, all those responsible for the postponement of Romania’s Schengen entry now seem to be claiming they have clawed the country out of isolation’, the president said. Speaking on austerity, Basescu said we needed a competent Government, just after recently praising the current Executive. ‘In the case of Romania, we are at the stage where macroeconomic balances have been restored. What we could sue is a competent Government able to generate sustainable economic growth and jobs. There is European money available. All we need is competence and uprightness to spend it’, Traian Basescu noted. In what regards the advantages coming with the EU membership, the president said after January 1, 2014, there would be no more restrictions for Romanian nationals in any of the EU member states. At the same time, the trust in the EU seems to have decreased after the organisation failed to keep its word. ‘The EU did not deliver on its promises – jobs and resumption of economic growth. It takes honesty in the communication with the citizens’, Traian Basescu pointed out. The leader from Cotroceni also says in the interview that not setting a clear deadline for moving to the single currency is wrong. ‘In what regards the term for adopting the euro, I believe it should be firmly set in our official documents and the optimal time can only be 2017. (…) Not setting a deadline is wrong’, Traian Basescu says. Speaking on the newly founded People’s Movement, the president said it would have to create a centre-right political party. ‘If successful, the foundation will have to also set up a vehicle for the implementation of its solutions and such vehicle can only be a centre-right party with organisations spread across the country’, Traian Basescu recommends. The president also claims political developments in Chisinau undermine the recent years of political work and mostly the sacrifices of the public. He reckons the scandals going on in the neighboring country ‘seem to have come from a guidebook that was also used in Bucharest in 2012’. B?sescu further says Romania needs no president who helps ‘draw a veil of quietness’ over political life and state institutions, as ‘theft and wrongdoing tends to happen in complete calmness’.

Ponta: Basescu is delusional, PDL was sanctioned because austerity only applied to some people

‘PDL people – and Mr. Basescu is delusional on that – were sanctioned by the vote not because they took austerity measures, but because austerity only applied to some while other ones, political leaders, on the contrary enjoyed a fabulous abundance in 2009-2011’, Ponta said on Antena 3 TV on Wednesday. President Traian Basescu said in the interview to ‘Calea Europeana’ marking Europe’s Day on May 9 that austerity is ‘very bad’ for the people, for the economy as well as for the politicians who implement it, but one has to admit that, no matter how bad it is, its consequences are infinitely easier on a country’s population and economy than loans at unsustainable interest rates of over 6-7 per cent or a default on payments.

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