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May 16, 2021

League I: Dinamo vs. Steaua derby

One of the most expected League I games, the one pitting Dinamo and Steaua, the oldest Romanian football clubs, is scheduled on Friday, May 10, on Bucharest’s National Arena, and counts for leg 31. Although at this moment Steaua has basically won the title, coach Laurentiu Reghecampf is determined to win: “We want to win this game for our fans first of all. I believe it will be a beautiful game, a game we will win. Steaua plays the most beautiful football, Steaua is definitely the favorite,” Laurentiu Reghecampf stated on Thursday, Digisport informs. Raul Rusescu, League I’s top goal-getter, stakes on the presence of a large number of Steaua fans although Dinamo is considered the host team. “I believe they will be fairly numerous.

It will be a derby on a real stadium and we hope we will be the winners at the end. I believe we still have to prove once more that we won this championship without problems, that we were the best team from the start of the season up to the last derby,” Rusescu stated. In his turn, Dinamo coach Cornel Talnar is sure Steaua will use its main line-up on Friday, just like it did in the games against Chelsea and Ajax, because the egos are running high. “It’s a derby no matter if Dinamo is lower in the rankings. It’s a derby for Steaua too, I’m sure Steaua will use its main line-up, the players that played against Chelsea and Ajax. I’m convinced the fans will surpass by far the show on the pitch. I’m convinced that out of 40,000 fans 35,000 will root for Dinamo,” Cornel Talnar stated on Thursday. Steaua defeated Dinamo on the National Arena in the first half of the season, 3-1.

Over 900 gendarmes will be deployed at this game, the Bucharest Gendarmerie informed.

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