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June 30, 2022

Poll: 60pc of Romanians think their country has bad reputation in the EU

74pc of Romanians believe EU membership is a good thing for Romania, according to IRES opinion poll published on Thursday.

Over 60 per cent of Romanians are optimistic about the future of the European Union, but a similar share say Romania has a bad and very bad reputation in the EU, according to an IRES opinion poll published on Thursday. Twelve per cent of the respondents said were very optimistic about the future of the EU, 34 per cent – pessimistic and 50 per cent –aid they had a positive image of the EU. The European Union on the other hand is negatively perceived by 26 per cent of Romanians and 21 per cent have a neutral view. Seventy-four per cent think it’s a good thing that Romania is a member of the EU and only 22 per cent find it to be a negative thing. Approximately two thirds (65 per cent) believe Romania benefits from the EU membership and 33 per cent that accession brought the country no gain. On the other hand, 60 per cent of Romanians are of the opinion that Romania ahs a negative image in the EU (42 per cent said bad image and 18 per cent – very bad image), 38 per cent said the country is generally ‘well seen’ in the Union. Only 1 per cent of the respondents said Romania is very well perceived in the EU. Two thirds of Romanians think the influence of our country in the European bloc is very low, 49 per cent of the polled respondents saying Romania is among the last five EU states in that respect and 15 per cent answering that we are actually last when it comes to having a say on EU matters.

Thirty per cent think Romania is somewhere ‘in the middle’ and only 4 per cent that Romania is one of the top five member states regarding their influence. Eighty-six per cent of the respondents say Romania should behave in its relations with other member states on equal footing and only 8 per cent that we should accept a position of inferiority. Fifty-one per cent of the respondents say the president of Romania is respected abroad and 45 per cent believe the opposite. The prime minister is perceived as an internationally respected person by 61 per cent of the subjects and 32 per cent believe otherwise. Seventy-three per cent of the respondents said relations with the European states were influenced by the cohabitation of the president with the prime minister and 22 per cent said the opposite. Fifty-eight per cent believe the cohabitation brought a positive influence on our relations with the EU member states and 41 per cent believe that the influence is, in fact, a negative one. Although 86 per cent of the respondents said the accession to the Schengen Area is a good thing for our country, the share of people who also believe we are ready for the step is 53 per cent. Forty-five per cent say we are unprepared for joining Schengen. An important 67 per cent of the subjects support the idea of a Monetary and Economic Union with euro as single currency and only 31 per cent express themselves against it.

The enlargement of the EU with other countries is also supported by 77 per cent of the respondents, only 20 per cent being against it. Fifty-seven per cent accept the idea of a higher EU construction speed for a group of states compared to the rest of the members. Thirty-nine are against it. The IRES opinion poll was done via telephone and online, using a sample group of 1,324 respondents aged over 18. It has a margin of error of +/-2.8 per cent.

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