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April 20, 2021

Exports up 4.6 pc in Q1

Exports amounted to RON 50.8 bln (EUR 11.5 bln) in the first three months, 4.6 pc above the level of Q1 2012, after dropping almost 1 pc in March, to RON 17.5 bln (EUR 4 bln), and imports diminished since the beginning of the year by 1.1 pc to RON 55.5 bln. In Q1 2013, important shares in the structure of exports and imports were held by the groups of products: transport machines and equipment (42.5 pc export and 34.6 pc of import) and other manufactured goods (34.1 pc of export and 29.6 pc of import).In March 2013, according to the preliminary estimations of the National Statistics Institute (INS), FOB exports topped RON 17.57 bln (EUR 4 bln) with CIF imports of RON 20.06 bln (EUR 4.57 bln), Mediafax reports.Compared to March 2012, exports went down 0.9 pc if denominated in RON (1.4 pc in EUR) and imports decreased by 4.5 pc in RON (5.0 pc in EUR). Against February 2013, exports in March 2013 advanced to 3.6 pc in RON (3.4 pc in EUR) and imports increased by 12.2 pc in RON (12.1 pc in EUR).Compared to the first quarter of 2012, exports went up 5.6 pc in RON (4.6 pc in EUR) and imports dwindled by 0.1 pc in RON (1.1 pc in EUR).The value of intra-community exchanges of goods in Q1 amounted to RON 36 bln (EUR 8.2 bln) for outflows and RON 42.3 bln (EUR 9.6 bln) for inflows, representing 70.8 pc of total exports and 76.2 pc of total imports). The value of extra-community exchanges of goods in Q1 2013 was RON 15 bln (EUR 3.38 bln) for exports and RON 13.27 bln (EUR 3 bln) for imports, representing 29.2 pc of total exports and 23.8 pc of total imports.



Electricity consumption diminished by 4.5 pc at three months

The final consumption of electricity diminished by 4.5 pc in the first quarter compared to the similar interval of 2012, to 13.1 bln KWh and electricity resources dropped by 3.9 pc to 15.7 bln KWh, according to INS data.  The decrease of the electricity resource was mainly caused by the output reduction by 2.5 pc. The production of thermal power plants declined by 18.4 pc to 7.8 bln KWh and that of nuclear power plants by 2.4 pc, to 30.17 bln KWh. An increase was reported by hydropower plants, by 28.4 pc, to 33.7 bln KWh, and wind farms, by 699.4 M KWh, to 1.34 bln KWh. Electricity export decreased in January-March by 4.8 pc, to 335.9 M KWh. Own technological consumption in networks and stations was 2.28 bln KWh, 0.1 pc higher. In Q1, primary energy resources dropped by 11.7 pc, 7.5 million tons oil equivalent (TOE). Internal output amounted to 5.4 M, down 7.7 pc against the same period of the previous year and import was 2 M TOE, 20.7 pc lower.

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