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December 3, 2021

UDMR says ‘no’ to regionalization and confiscation of illegal assets

UDMR President Kelemen Hunor stated on Saturday that UDMR wants an addendum to Article 1 of the Constitution, one that would show that “national minorities are recognized as constituent factors of the Romanian state.”

UDMR President Kelemen Hunor stated on Saturday at the Council of Union Representatives (CRU) meeting in Sibiu that UDMR does not agree with dividing the country into “administrative regions.” “The main idea is that we do not believe that Romania needs another administrative level, another bureaucratic level, because Romania’s problems are not rooted in the lack of this public administration level,” Kelemen stated, pointing out that by setting up these regions the counties will be emptied because the centre is not the one ceding power. Moreover, the UDMR President claims that there are no arguments for a new administrative level, underlining that such a measure would see the rich counties grow and the poor counties “become ever poorer.” “We should no longer take out money from people’s pockets, because another administrative level means extra costs, means that the decisional centres will be farther away from the citizen. We believe that we need smaller economic regions throughout the country. (…) I believe that for regionalization we should use the referendum, not the assumption of responsibility, not the emergency ordinance.

You shouldn’t be afraid of the citizens. You have to ask people whether they want to go to another county,” he stated. Asked in what region the Hungarian community should be included and what should be its seat, Kelemen answered: “The Hungarian community is divided into several areas. Harghita, Covasna and Targu Mures counties would be one region because they have historical and economic ties and it’s clear that this is what should happen here. The Hungarian community cannot be crammed into a single region. We are not putting the ethnic argument on the first place but we shouldn’t ignore it either.” According to Kelemen, UDMR proposes “the current development regions going further as economic development regions.”

“We need the regions, regions in which traditional, cultural ties should be strong and which from an economic, GDP and resources point of view should belong to each other and then a harmonious development could take place,” he said. On the other hand, the UDMR President stated that UDMR does not agree with Premier Victor Ponta’s proposal to modify the Constitution in order to be able to confiscate illegal assets and to confiscate cars from drivers that break the law. “Property is protected, it’s holy, it’s protected by the Constitution. I don’t believe this is the solution for the problem of speeding, which is a real problem, but we always said and we will continue to say that property in itself is a value that nobody can and should touch,” Kelemen said.At the end of UDMR’s CRU meeting the press asked Kelemen Hunor for explanations concerning his statement according to which the party is asking for “the erasure of Article 1, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution.” Kelemen Hunor pointed out that he did not refer to the whole content of that article, but only to erasing the “national state term.” “We are not proposing any modification concerning the unitary, indivisible, sovereign state and so forth. We are only talking about the national state,” the UDMR President answered. Moreover, he stated that UDMR wants an addendum to Article 1 of the Constitution, one that would show that “national minorities are recognized as constituent factors of the Romanian state.” “It’s a recognition of national communities, of the Hungarians, Germans, Jews, Roma and of all those living in our country. It’s an addendum to this big issue,” he explained. Kelemen pointed out that all constitutional modifications proposed by UDMR will be filed on the afternoon of May 14. In other developments, the UDMR President pointed out that at his proposal a women’s organization will be set up within the party, in order to ensure “a much greater flexibility” for the party, however he does not know who might lead it since CRU President Rozalia Biro does not want to. Asked whether the person that will lead the women’s organization will be elected during the party’s congress, he answered: “Only the president will be elected during the congress.”

Organizational measures

During Saturday’s CRU meeting the UDMR representatives also adopted several organizational measures. The members of CRU thus decided to widen the membership of UDMR’s Permanent Council by adding local representatives, and the UDMR Presidium will be lowered from 18 to 9 members for “flexibility.” According to Kelemen Hunor, the changes are needed because UDMR is in the opposition. On the other hand, Kelemen added that the party’s programme did not undergo special modifications. “We took out those things that were accomplished and we inserted new targets, because we have the European Parliament elections, we have new challenges concerning regionalization, the modification of the Constitution, the expected economic growth. The important thing is that we are not taking a new direction, these are just necessary adjustments because of the realities in our country,” he stated. The modifications concerning the UDMR Statute discussed during Saturday’s CRU meeting will be finalized during the 11th UDMR Congress scheduled on May 25 at Miercurea Ciuc.

Hungarian-language state university still a goal, Marko Bela says

Former UDMR President Marko Bela stated on Saturday, at the opening of the 8th edition of a competition for high school students from Hungarian-language high schools, that UDMR did not give up the goal of setting up a Hungarian-language state university, however “this will not be done by separating existing universities,” and at UMF Targu Mures the “problem should be solved” on the basis of the current legislation. We remind our readers that the government decision adopted in March 2012 on setting up the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy within the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) in Targu Mures was cancelled by the Court of Appeals – a court that last year suspended the application of the ordinance. The decision however is not final. In fact, the decision stipulates the setting up of a new faculty within UMF Targu Mures, one in which Romanian, Hungarian and English would be the languages used.



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