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May 17, 2021

Industrial turnover and orders, up in Q1

The industrial turnover, per total domestic and foreign market, advanced in the first quarter of 2013 by 4.8 pc in nominal terms, compared to the similar period of 2012, due to a 5.1 pc increase of the processing industry, INS reports. During the interval under analysis, the extractive industry declined by 2.3 pc, INS adds in a communiqué. Based on major industrial categories, turnover increases were registered in the capital goods sector (13.6 pc), durables (8.1 pc), intermediary goods (5.6 pc) and consumer products (0.6 pc). The energy industry dwindled by 13.5 pc.In March, compared to February, the turnover of the whole industry went up 5 pc, driven by the positive evolutions of the extractive industry (5.2 pc) and processing sector (2.6 pc).Also according to INS, new orders in the industry soared in March by 3.3 pc, in nominal terms, against the previous month, respectively by 0.7 pc compared to the same month of last year, while also registering a 2.2 pc increase in the first quarter, according to data released by INS Monday. The data refer to new orders placed for both local and foreign markets.In March, compared to February, new orders placed with industry advanced due to the positive evolutions registered by the industry of intermediary goods (17.4 pc), durables (10 pc) and consumer goods (5.2 pc), while the capital goods industry posted a 9.6 pc decline.

Volume of construction works, downward trend

The volume of construction works, raw series, dropped by 4.1 pc in the first quarter of 2013, compared to the similar interval of last year, and the volume of new construction works diminished by 15.2 pc, according to INS data. New construction works dropped by 15.2 pc.Based on construction objects, the volume of works increased in the categories of residential and non-residential buildings, by 23.2 pc and 3.4 pc respectively. The volume of works for engineering objectives diminished by 10.4 pc.In Q1 2013, compared to the similar quarter of the previous year, the volume of new construction works, in series adjusted with the number of working days and seasonal factors diminished by 5.1 pc, an involution driven by new construction works (13.5 pc). In March 2013, the volume of construction works increased against February 2013, in raw series, by 28.8 pc, while in series adjusted with working days and seasonal factors it went up 2.7 pc. The volume of new construction works soared by 34.1 pc, overhaul works by 23.5 pc and current maintenance and repair works by 17.4 pc.


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