Ex-Minister Corneliu Dobritoiu’s assets, freezed by DNA

National Anti-Corruption department (DNA) says it has frozen the assets of former Defence Minister Corneliu Dobritoiu. He is accused of illegally purchasing work home from MoD.

DNA has frozen Corneliu Dobritoiu’s assets. Anti-corruption prosecutors have commenced criminal investigations in the case of the dwellings from the MoD against retired generals Corneliu Dobritoiu, former Minister of Defence, Traian Pigui, Sergiu Medar, Gheorghe Rotaru, Mircea Chelaru, Constantin Nastase and Floarea Serban.Last week they were invited to DNA’s to be told they had been prosecuted for having bought work homes without complying with the applicable legislation. General Sergiu Medar was security presidential adviser in President Traian Basescu’s first two years in office. From 1999 to 2005, Medar was the head of the Military Intelligence Directorate.General Gheorghe Rotaru was the head of the Intelligence Directorate General of the Army (DGIA) and adviser to interim President Crin Antonescu. Floarea Serban, retired major general, was Secretary of State for Armaments at the Ministry of Defence from May 2012 to April 2013. Before being retired, Floarea Serban headed the Legislation and Legal Assistance Directorate of MoD. Floarea Serban, the first female general of the Romanian Army, was promoted in rank at the end of 2009 from one star brigadier to major general with two stars. On April 16, the National Anti-corruption Department informed about the prosecution of generals Corneliu Dobritoiu and Traian Pigui and preliminary criminal investigations against ten other people in leading positions at the Ministry of Defence who had allegedly purchased work homes at subsidised prices illegally. Retired brigadier Traian Pigui, the head of the Properties and Infrastructure Directorate of MoD at the time when the alleged offences were committed, is under investigation for abuse of office against public interests where a civil servant obtains a property-related advantage for another individual, with exceptionally grievous consequences, according to DNA. The estimated loss caused to MoD is RON 1.2 M.

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