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January 28, 2022

Protest day: post workers block pensions, miners come to Bucharest

The employees of several post offices in the country have ceased work again yesterday, dissatisfied with the fact that the management of the Romanian Post want to impose a number of unpaid days and shorten working hours. At the same time, 100 employees of Oltenia Energy Complex left for Bucharest yesterday morning to picket the National Regulatory Authority in Energy (ANRE). The protest of post workers has spread in Bucharest to a total of 20 offices as well as the transit hub, the place where all mail is collected and from where it is further distributed to the local units, SLPR Bucharest organisation president Marin Ciubeica says. The leader of the Bucharest branch of the Romanian Post Workers’ Trade Union (SLPR) said the employees of the transit hub had joined the protest started at the post offices and stopped working at about 10:30.

Cluj: 200 postal workers stopped strike, another 200 from 14 offices continued protest

The approximately 200 employees of the Cluj-Napoca Centralised Distribution Post Office yesterday suspended their spontaneous strike and decided to distribute pensions and judicial mail. Their colleagues from a total of 14 offices in the county continued their protest. On Monday, the post workers from various Bucharest post offices refused to go and distribute mail as they were afraid they might become jobless. They say the only solutions identified by the Romanian Post management are layoffs and unpaid extra hours. Over 100 workers from several Cluj County post offices went on a spontaneous strike yesterday morning, in solidarity with the action of their colleagues in Bucharest, unhappy about the forthcoming cut of working hours. Cluj Post union leader Carol Sinka told Mediafax yesterday that the employees of at least six post offices in Cluj-Napoca, Campia Turzii and Dej were on strike.

Miners coming to Bucharest

Jiu Valley miners fear further layoffs and clam the current situation on ANRE who they claim supports renewable energy producers. The miners accuse the authorities of sabotaging and pushing national energy industry into bankruptcy. The workers will organise protests every day and threaten that, unless measures are taken, 5,000 miners would come to Bucharest on May 24.



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