Berca, Presidential aide: People’s Party will appear very soon

This party would recruit PDL’s disgruntled.

Presidential aide Gabriel Berca stated on Tuesday evening on B1 TV that the People’s Party, which will recruit the disgruntled PDL members, will appear “very fast,” the setting up of the new party’s Parliamentary group being necessary too. “Very fast. Very fast. This is also a decision of the MPs, because the setting up of a Parliamentary group is necessary, there are people within PDL that do not accept today’s situation,” Berca stated in a show on B1 TV when asked when will the new party appear. Likewise, the Presidential aide, a former member of PDL and former Democrat-Liberal MP from Bacau, deemed that the appearance of the new party is necessary considering “the imbalance on the Romanian political market.” “I believe it’s necessary because 58 per cent of Romanians did not vote in the December 9 elections, only 42 per cent did. At this moment there is an imbalance on the Romanian political market and a vehicle that would generate credible political figures is necessary,” Berca, President Traian Basescu’s aide for the relation with public authorities and civic society, stated. He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that people that are not engaging in opposition have been brought within PDL lately, giving Bacau County as an example, the PDL branch’s members there having “petty county interests” and “fixing the game with USL’s local administration.”In recent days the press wrote that the People’s Party will hold a congress on May 25 and a series of PDL MPs, headed by Elena Udrea, but also the members of the Civic Force and of the Popular Movement Foundation, will join this party.

The press included Florin Popescu and Eugen Tomac among the PDL MPs that will join the People’s Party. Likewise, former Craiova Mayor Antonie Solomon will join this party too. The People’s Party is led by farmer Costel Caras, the one who back in March spilled several thousand liters of milk on a field as a protest during the scandal surrounding the milk infested with aflatoxin. The Popular Movement Foundation announced on Tuesday that it will not do anything in order to transform itself into a political party, emphasizing that it pointed this out “as a result of false information appearing in the press” on this issue. Likewise, Presidential aide Sebastian Lazaroiu wrote on Facebook that the “sources” that announce that the Popular Movement Foundation will transform into a party are from PDL.PDL Vice President Raluca Turcanu stated yesterday that disgruntled party members should inform the party’s leadership of their discontent, pointing out that it is immoral for a new right-wing party to be built with members from PDL and to oppose the opposition. Former PDL President Emil Boc stated yesterday in a press conference that he does not know details about the People’s Party or some party members’ intention of joining it, being interested in strengthening PDL as an opposition party.PDL MP Florin Popescu stated on Tuesday for Mediafax that “there is a state of discontent and unease within PDL” and “many party members do not understand why the party is not starting to work, namely to act as the opposition.”

According to realitatea.net, Elena Udrea allegedly has a secret plan of bringing PDL’s disgruntled members together in order to engage in real opposition against the USL government, but as members of a different party. The aforementioned source wrote that on Monday the PDL MP allegedly convened her Neamt County MP colleagues to a meeting of the PDL group for this purpose. At the end of last week Elena Udrea stated that the opposition that PDL is trying to engage in “is not very visible.” The PDL MP underlined once more that distancing the party from President Traian Basescu was a mistake.

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