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August 4, 2021

Ilie Sarbu on RFI: Rosca Stanescu’s situation is getting out of hand

PSD is no longer willing to wave off the outbursts of Liberal Senator Sorin Rosca Stanescu, the leader of Social-Democrat Senators stated on RFI. Ilie Sarbu pointed out that PNL has to take a decision that could go as far as exclusion.

Ilie Sarbu pointed out that several months ago “a decision was taken at USL level, so that if one of our members becomes a critic of the Union, if he damages its image, he will be automatically excluded. Nobody stressed this a lot so as to have a reaction to every statement, to every public appearance, but now things are getting out of hand, day by day a conflictual situation is created by the same man, once concerning the law, once concerning the commissions. At one point he resigns from the commission, after he realized he created the commission, that it can work, then he says “we no longer want to work, we are leaving, we don’t need Mr. Barsan’s point of view, nor the juridical commission’s point of view, we resign and walk off.” “So one can glimpse, I would rather say one easily sees that someone is always creating conflicts in what concerns the Premier, us, the group leader, us all, the party as a whole, PSD, which is always accused, you saw, that it is in control and now is giving Crin Antonescu advice about what he should do.”

Rosca Stanescu “is obsessed with intelligence services”

The leader of Social-Democrat Senators stated that “PSD no longer has any kind of willingness to wave of” such outbursts: “When it comes to intelligence services, ever since he came in Parliament he has this obsession, to set things right within intelligence services, he who as you well know was an informant, he admitted it. I believe when it comes to this he should talk less loudly when he expresses his opinions, but of course, this is PNL’s problem, a problem it has to solve, and PSD no longer has any kind of willingness to wave off outbursts of this kind!”Ilie Sarbu pointed out that “the talks were clear, open yesterday (Wednesday – editor’s note) within USL. Today (on Thursday – our note) Mr. Crin Antonescu has a meeting with some colleagues from outside Bucharest and they will have to take a decision that is in their hands, not ours.”

PNL’s position on Rosca Stanescu case

PNL President Crin Antonescu stated on Wednesday at the end of the USL meeting that he does not consider that in the case of PNL Senator Sorin Rosca Stanescu there are elements to accuse him of waging a campaign against PSD or Victor Ponta, pointing out nevertheless that he did make excessive statements.Premier Victor Ponta stated on Wednesday that within the Union there is “a serious problem” that concerns the PNL Senator. The Liberal Senators that resigned from the commission that investigates judge Corneliu Barsan’s case state that their gesture is a protest against the PSD majority’s attempt to cover up, within the commission, the violation of the Romanian magistrate’s diplomatic immunity at the ECHR.


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