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February 3, 2023

Nominated prosecutors officially take offices

Basescu mandates Ponta to attend the European Council at the end of May.  The president announced that he promulgated the new law for accelerating retrocessions and the issuing of the decree for the nomination of all six chief prosecutors.

President Traian Basescu said Wednesday in a press conference held at the Cotroceni Palace that he decided that the prime minister will attend the European Council of May 22, under a mandate which he will approve until his departure. Asked if nominating the premier to go to the European Council of May 22 is not a goodwill act, Basescu answered that he is not nice to anybody saying that this is “a sign of confidence.”Asked what made him allow the premier to go to the European Council of May 22, President Basescu answered: “First, I think he can support the point of view of Romania. And if we talk about energy, given he agreed to the exploration and exploitation of shale gas, I believe this point of view must be supported in Brussels, in the talks of the Council. It should be named unconventional energies. And I would like that this term <<unconventional energies>> appears in the conclusions of the Council, among many others, Nabucco and what else must appear.”Asked to say whether it will become usual to designate the prime minister to participate in the European Councils on certain themes, the president answered: “Not necessarily. You can be convinced that I could have supported as well the problem of energy and shale gas, because I am a partisan of shale gas exploitation myself, because they mean energy independence and money, investments. It will not necessarily be a practice, but there is a short Council, which begins around the table, the family photograph is made, dinner is served and meanwhile they talk. This is not an ordinary Council, it is an extraordinary Council.” PDL MEP Cristian Preda appreciated yesterday that the decision of the president to give the premier a mandate to attend the European Council of May 22 is “rational” and “this way the cohabitation made a supplementary step.” On Thursday, the premier said that the mandate with which Romania will be represented in the next European Council will be presented at the beginning of next week, the document being drafted by presidential aides, governmental counsellors and the pertinent minister. Also Wednesday, the president announced that he promulgated the new law for accelerating restitutions. “I promulgated the new law on accelerating restitutions. Same as for prosecutors, for this law too I received many requests to reject it.

This law too, some believe, is the misfortune of Romania and the infringement of the rule of law. I resist to this type of pressure for the simple reason that I noticed it is illegitimate and would only delay the already postponed processes of retrocession,” the president said in the press conference held at the Cotroceni Palace. Basescu added that “the law has a set of strong points and several vulnerabilities.” “I prefer to promulgate it rather than send it back in Parliament, where we do not know how it would change,” he explained.Basescu also mentioned that he agreed with PM Victor Ponta that the weak spots of the new law on restitutions will be corrected through the norms of enforcement or using modifications enacted by HG or another law promoted in emergency regime. He stressed that the law will reach its purpose, which is to ensure the observance of the principle “restitutio in integrum” if it will correct through norms of enforcement or stronger regulations, government decisions or laws in a regime of emergency.The weak spots mentioned by President Basescu are the lack of clarity regarding the process of equating lands when the restitution is not made on the old location, the fact that it does not provide the effect of extending the deadline for filing retrocession requests at local authorities when this refers to on-going lawsuits that must compel authorities to give a solution.


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