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March 29, 2023

Blaga: PDL does not split

PDL leader Vasile Blaga said yesterday that no forecast made by presidential aide Sebastian Lazaroiu has become true, adding that this – ‘Snow White’ – should be ignored. He made the statement after Lazaroiu warned that a group might split from PDL.

PDL president Vasile Blaga said yesterday that PDL will not split, that he had and will have talks with all the Democrat-Liberals and he does not see as necessary a measure of expelling some members at this moment.Asked before the BPN meeting if PDL will split, Vasile Blaga answered: “No, it will not split. We have very clear actions, you participated last week in the launching of the programme for agriculture at Calarasi, Thursday we launch the programme for the business environment at Galati and Friday the sustainable development at Resita.”As for the rumors about part of PDL leaving for the People’s Party and the fact that presidential aide Sebastian Lazaroiu said that a group might split from PDL, Blaga answered: “Do you still listen to Snow White? What has come true of all the forecasts made by him for the last 3-4 years?”He added that he had talks with colleagues and Monday he will have a meeting at the parliamentary group of PDL in the Chamber of Deputies, and these talks are “normal between colleagues.”Asked if there is the risk that some people get expelled from PDL, Blaga said that he does not see the need for such a measure now.“I do not see such a measure as necessary now, but if anyone from the party will sabotage, we have a statute, a political programme that must be enacted. I hope that we do not reach this situation,” Vasile Blaga added.Presidential aide Sebastian Lazaroiu said Saturday in Iasi that a parliamentary group split from PDL may appear in the near future, as there are talks in this regard inside PDL, but he does not know “how many people and who they are.”Attending a meeting with the Iasi fans of the ‘People’s Movement’ Foundation, Sebastian Lazaroiu stated in a press conference that a parliamentary group split from PDL might appear in the near future, which will represent “a new political vehicle.”“It is possible that a new parliamentary group will appear, made of elects that will split from PDL. I don’t know how many they are and who belongs. Probably it will be a new political vehicle, but we, the members of the ‘People’s Movement’ Foundation are not related to them. But I know that such a discussion exists in PDL,” said Sebastian Lazaroiu, a founding member of the Foundation.Blaga added yesterday that PDL has no reason to negotiate with the Liberals, saying that the Democrat-Liberals are in opposition and will remain in opposition until after the next parliamentary elections.Asked before the BPN meeting if he met the PNL leadership at the end of last week, Blaga answered: “This is an untruth. Neither I, nor anyone else from the leadership of the party. We were all away over the weekend, we have nothing to discuss with them. In fact, this alliance of circumstance holds because they divide the resources among themselves, even though they do not rule.”He added that PDL has no reason for such a meeting and has nothing to negotiate with PNL, because the Democrat-Liberals are in opposition.

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