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May 27, 2022

SIF Oltenia buys OMV Petrom shares worth RON 20 M from FP

SIF Oltenia (SIF5) has bought 0.09 per cent of OMV Petrom (SNP) shares for approximately RON 20 M (EUR 4.6 M); the shares were part of the private placement through which the Proprietatea Fund (FP) sold 1.11 per cent of the energy company’s shares for RON 246.6 M (EUR 56.8 M). The purchase of OMV Petrom shares was announced by SIF Oltenia through a report issued on Monday to the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). The shares bought by SIF Oltenia represent 8.1 per cent of the package sold by FP. The price at which the Fund sold the shares was 6 per cent below the RON 0.415 per title stock exchange quote registered on Thursday and 12.2 per cent below the price as it was before FP announced on Wednesday its intention to sell OMV Petrom shares. At the end of March SIF Oltenia had a little over 1.1 per cent of OMV Petrom shares, and by buying the package from FP it ended up owning 1.19 per cent of the oil, natural gas and energy company’s shares. The first hour of the stock exchange session on Monday registered only one transaction involving SIF Oltenia shares, worth RON 1,400. The bonds were transferred at the price of RON 1.402, 0.36 per cent higher than the latest quote on Friday. At this price the financial investment company’s (SIF) stock exchange capitalization stands at RON 813.4 M (EUR 187.4 M).

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