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February 4, 2023

Deputies reject “Basescu’s Constitution”

The Chamber of Deputies yesterday rejected the draft revision of the Constitution which provides for a unicameral Parliament and a reduction of the number of MPs to 300, with only 41 deputies voting for the document, 259 against it and 18 abstaining from voting the draft revision initiated by President Traian Basescu in 2011. In the context, we mention that at present, the Committee for revising the Constitution led by Senate speaker Crin Antonescu works on its own draft revision of the Constitution which has May 27 as deadline for submitting amendments.
During the general debates, the legislators representing UDMR, PSD, PNL and the national minorities announced that they will not support this initiative. “We voted what the electorate decided in the referendum, you do not stand besides millions of citizens,” the leader of the parliamentary group of PDL, Mircea Toader said. “We will vote against this proposal because our amendments were not approved,” the UDMR MPs explained. Varujan Pambuccian, the leader of the group of national minorities pronounced in favour of a parliamentary republic, which prevents him from supporting the respective draft.
“You will see that the emanation of this draft law is the government led by Boc, while the new Parliament, which has certain legitimacy, has formed a committee comprising all parliamentary groups, which is working. I also want to remind you that we have a constitutional forum and there are many topics you ignored in this report, such as regionalisation. We do not have an opinion from the government, which does not support this formula, so this draft law will not be voted,” PSD deputy Florin Iordache said. PNL, too, opposes this draft revision of the Constitution. The proposal made by Traian Basescu is supported by PDL and PPDD.
The exposition of motives to the draft law on revising the Constitution mentions: “Following the referendum organised by the president of Romania on 22 November 2009, the citizens that voted, with an overwhelming majority, opted for adopting a unicameral Parliament and reducing the number of MPs. Following this referendum, we can only enforce the supreme will of the people, as provided by article 2 of the Constitution.”

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