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May 16, 2022

School abandonment advanced to 16 pc during 2010-2011

School abandonment advanced to 16 pc during 2010-2011, from 15 pc a year ago, because during that interval the budget of education suffered the most. The present target is 11 pc by 2020, the minister of Education, Remus Pricopie said Tuesday during the launching event of the report ‘All children at school by 2015. Global initiative on children outside the education system.’ The report relies on data collected during 2005-2009. Thus, in 2009 approximately 20 pc of the total number of preschool children (3-6 years) did not go to kindergarten, 8 pc (over 65,000 children) of the total number of children at the age of primary education (7-10 years) did not go to school, while over 5 pc (more than 50,000) of the total number of children that should go to secondary school (11-14 years) were in the same situation. The data show that school abandonment is higher among the boys in primary schools, while in the case of girls of the same age the risk is rather represented by totally abandoning school. In rural areas, children fit for secondary education have the highest risk of skipping school, adds the report launched Tuesday at the Ministry of Education.

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